Brad Ormand Auto LG 8-inch Sub Sport-Trac

10.03.2014 – Truck Sub & HD44780

Today, I mixed 8 of my songs down again for the collection I want to release this upcoming winter.  It took all day, but I had to account for the new lessons I have been learning about my sound production by listening to my mixes in my truck with a proper sub.  The Altima rental car that I had for a while really illuminated my lack of low freq in the Sport-Trac, and now I’m rockin’  a proper 8″ with plenty of power.  I found the inconsistencies in this new batch.  It’s like living in another world.  I can’t say enough about what a difference it makes, and how much fun it is!






Also, in the last few days, I wrote a 4-bit “nibble” driver for a HD44780 16×4 LCD display for an AVR. It’s still V1, but I was able to init the device and write characters to it, however, I still need to make it more robust – the ASCII character bytes seem to have an offset – it’s in my code – need to fix that.  But, I really, really love being close to the hardware – almost more than I do writing for operating systems or browsers. Glad to be doing it.   Can’t wait to finish it up and start on another driver for another display.