Brad Ormand - Audio Meter

10.09.2014 – Job, SSD1306 & Songs

New mixes! Ok, just listened back – instructions are: (all kick-related, at this time): for “Fine”, increase resonance of kick 2db at about 50hz. For “Kitchen”, increase the punch/knock at about 150Hz about 2db, and for “Strike”, turn down the attack at about 1kHz. Super-small tweaks, incremental, listen back and go from there. Bottom line: they all sound better than ever! Now, it’s just those production touches…

In other news, I’m really wanting to write that driver for that device I spoke about yesterday – the 32×16… However, I will first write the driver for the Solomon SSD1306 OLED display using SPI, instead. It’s monochrome, but it’s so sleek and the pixels are very tight! I’ll sink my teeth into that for a few weeks, wrap a good driver and produce my animations (and maybe a custom font/ascii lib)… And, at the same time set up a tele keypad driver to interface with it.  That’ll keep me busy and learning for my next few projects – and might integrate the results into the digital audio granulator/synth, the analog synth, and my portable directional audio spectrum analyzer, ambitious, long-term projects. (About a year). That’s all I feel like engaging in at this time.  It’s a big enough chunk. I’m thoroughly fascinated right now, and the spirit of invention is strong in me right now, outside of work.

I’m still going to work (to my software engineering job) at 5:45 every day while we have to coordinate with the international team. It’s not a big deal, actually. I mean yes, I am tired. But, I needed to shift my sleep schedule up a few hours anyway, and although this is overkill, when it’s over next Tuesday, I’m sure I’ll have at least an hour circadian rhythm shift. And, which is why I don’t complain about it – even to myself. Perspective, man…  There are benefits. Also, traffic is like non-existent.  Good thing. And, I go home earlier. All good.