Brad Ormand in the Sport-Trac 2

10.11.2014 – New Vocals & SSD1306

Whew – so glad that I didn’t have to wake up at 5-something for work today. It’s the weekend. Hell yes…  Hell.  Yes.

Last night, I recorded what was possibly some of the best vocals I have performed, and a lot of it was just improv.  I wrote association lyrics for a few minutes, then just got in the booth with that sheet, started recording and then just went.  It took 3 booth sessions, and when I had said what was on the sheet, I just kept going, freestyling phrases and little abstract nuggets of my mind in my particular vocal style. I think it came out great!

I don’t preview music like I do my projects or paintings on here, but stay tuned, it’ll be coming around the corner as I continue to work on what I contributed to this new song.

In other news, I’m at the start of writing a driver for that Solomon OLED display. I got it in yesterday. It’s sooooper tiny – less than an inch for a 128×64 pixel device! I am going to have so much fun! However, I’ve gotta get in there and study the datasheets and abstract away the bits it wants to get to clear and init and write pixels, initialize, scroll, etc.  The ASCII chars, in font, I’ll define myself – maybe 6×8?? Idk But, lots of prelim work going on with it in the next few days as I tie it all together. 🙂

Later, the circuit will sit in a tiny box (or sphere, who knows) with a few buttons to vary the ani’s and look pretty on a desk or in a bathroom or something. 🙂