Brad Ormand - 8x6 Font Set

10.13.2014 – Font Set, Time Clock & Philosphy

Ahh, so many advances are happening at the same time! First off, I’m still listening to my free association vocals from yesterday, and I’m loving that shit…  I remember my brother and my compadre S.B. busting out hardcore in the past in recording sessions and blowing my mind – when back then I had trouble forming a single noun on the fly, sticking to the beat-writing and mic placement, and I’m glad to come from there to here, at least.  And, going from a fully written style to busting out on the fly is, like, pretty new to me (and awesome!), since I’m a “studio guy” and not a major performer – I guess that could be a defense mechanism, idk, but whatever…  I took stage acting / improv classes recently, and that definitely helped my awareness / relaxed level.  Still..  loving where it’s all going.

And, today I drew a really cool-looking tiny 8×6 font set for my project, with pencil. I think it came out pretty awesome. 🙂 I have started to digitize / translate them, but I am a long-ass way off right now. 128 characters to write data for and stuff it into EEPROM and then test using it… Whew, but it’s all part of the process.



As for the code, I was glad to have spent some time in advance to be able to access each letter definition like:


Inside the main ascii collection C struct / typedef, the letters and icons have their own structs with names like “a” and “G”, and “leftCurlyBrace”, etc. was glad to have done that as opposed to charDefs[ 114 ][ 3 ] , etc. ugh

Next up, yesterday, I tweaked my timing functions off the main instruction clock prescaler to be the basis for what I think will be the most accurate time of day clock possible with this CPU’s internal timing (without using a crystal oscillator).

The math works out, but I haven’t checked it out in practice. But, consider an 8MHz hardware osc prescaled by 256 to yield 125k, and then my program takes over by integer counting inside that interrupt to yield a 25k audio sample rate (enough for this embedded system – up to 12k harmonics will be sufficient for my Nyquist freq). And then, I scale out to have a 25Hz user input / button debounce and display refresh, leading to a 1 second tick-off, by counting up to and resetting every 25 iterations, leaving 1000 milliseconds. Before, I was getting a result like 0.997 seconds per second accuracy. Instead, this time of day clock should have the same error specs (0.00001%) of the original instruction clock (in theory) Whew! I’m going to replace my waking alarm clock if this works with that accuracy! P.S. Why do we put up with an annoying wake alarm when it could be something satisfying or soothing (but, I guess some of you have already figured that out 🙂 );

On the music front, there are a few things to report. I got “Kitchen” to finally sound right! I mean – it’s really close to completion. The kick is sounding pretty great with that high ~120Hz bass guitar. On Friday, I actually thought I was going to have to replace that kick.. But, I totally flattened the EQ curves and re-mixed the signals, and completely turned off the D-112 track on that 18×22 kick, because it was not needed. It was fighting. In the end, I got something that I am quite happy with!

I had to wake up at 5-something for work again, but it’s okay. Gotta wake up early again tomorrow, but then.. It’s back to normal 🙂 I’ll have a new HTML5 / Javascript / CSS project to start on. Designers did a great job, I think! It should be a fun ride to dope it out.

And, wHEw! One last thing… (It’s no wonder that I have a hard time scheduling – My time is always booked to the maxx! Ha [but, I like it – wouldn’t wanna do anything else with my time :). I’m voluntarily doing all of this out of pure interest])… Yesterday, I designed / re-purposed a scoreboard UI for my brother’s live billiards broadcast screen. It looks pretty dope! It’s just a starting concept, and we may not use it… But, I was inspired by “Destiny”, the Bungie game for the HUD layout. It’s got a fair bit of gradient on it though, not exactly “flat design” like I see in that HUD. I’m happy with the result, tho. We might do a V2 on Wednesday if this one is a bit too “modern” or “right field”. I love that type of work, though.

This is a really exciting life! I’m going to speak freely, now: All of that training and sharpening and education and focus I did in my 20’s really is paying off. I feel like I can do anything within my interest field, off the cuff, and on demand. I have built up the skills and put them in my metaphorical development toolbox. Other things, I suck at (like basketball or first aid or server networking)… But, my strengths are definitely here, and I’m feeling like I am highly capable in UI dev and design, musical audio engineering, producing music, and, recently, display programming.

As far as life goes as a whole, I am really in the zone there as well. I don’t write in this log about my personal life very much, like my spirituality, dating / romance, exercise, or what my nutrition plan looks like, etc. (sometimes, I write about philosophy, though). I do that primarily because I started these log pages to be kind of like a “standup” or project management update log… But, I just wanted to mention this aspect of life-balance because a balance there equals a balance here when it’s time to put on the thinking cap (or creativity cap, in those situations), and because it wasn’t always this way for me, and partially to serve as a reminder to myself, in this log, that it is important. That base layer is important. Knowing my deeper motivations and cutting through the mental and external noise, etc.