Brad Ormand - SSD1306 Font Set Implementation

10.16.2014 – Set Pixel, Pull Ups & Synth

I had a stomach ache yesterday. Probably from that super hot salsa on those tacos. Lol. Didn’t feel very sharp yesterday. I did write a setPixel function for the display and a blitting mechanism to transfer the back buffer. An optimization might be to allow a certain buffer window to be transferred instead of the whole display refresh, but… That can certainly wait until I get the screen running at a good frame rate, first.

And, I have an old telephone keypad and deciphered it’s matrix routing so I can start using it in the interim as keys to produce sound and input bytes with. It’s a 3×4. It’s another driver to write. Awesome.

With that and a few optical decoders and analog pots, I think I’ll have all of the input UI I need to control a pretty capable digitally-controlled analog audio synth. Maybe two VCO in’s, two cutoffs, two resonances, two pitch knobs, 2 saw/sine selector, a mode momentary, and 4 pitch/vary buttons… This is just the first time I have thought about it, so.. Here we go. This gets me thinking on the synth design a little. I want to do something different than a plain old keyboard.

In other news, I am thinking of building an outdoor pull up bar. I think I want to use metal water pipe – about an inch thick. Cemented into the ground next to my porch. About 4 feet wide. Nothing fancy, simple, but very sturdy – and, that gets sunlight. I can do about 5 wide-grip pull ups now, and so let’s go for 10, strict. I’ll attach an assist band with a seat on there for beyond-failure reps. Maybe start with a set of 10, assisted, rest, then a set of 5 regular, rest, then another 4 or 5, rest then maybe start 3 sets of 10 assisted. See how that goes and adjust. Training will get me there if I stay in the groove. I’ll make my own mistakes, and adjust to the patterns as I find out better ways… As I do everything else.

Note to self… Put 2 LEDs on an analog or DAC output, one inverted. So that they kind of “toggle” real time with the sound 🙂