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10.17.2014 – SSD1306 & Books

For the SSD1306 driver, I reformatted the asciiDefinitions into a large multi-dimensional array with defined indices instead of that nested struct I was using before because I have to extract the data out by byte or word in a loop, since it’s all in a separate flash memory . It’s much easier to do it with this simple structure, I have found. Oh well.

Also, I augmented command-sending to the display to take an arbitrary stream of commands, instead of doing it all separately, driving the target slave select low at the beginning, sending all commands, and then back high at the end.. Same for data-sending. And, I included some more math functions related to putting chars and setting / getting pixel values, writing to the back buffer, etc.

So, it’s just coming along, piece by piece – no deadline pressure, no worries, just chillin’ havin’ fun with it, for real. Doin’ what I want cuz I like it. Eventually, I’ll get it rocking and it’ll be what it’ll be.

In other news.. Can you believe that the mailman fit 6 books in my mailbox! Some are textbooks, lol! Yup, more analog electronics design, display tech, and audio DSP stuff – finally came in. Lid open, books stuffed in, hanging out, but was pretty sturdy, though. I pulled ’em out and opened them up. Happy day.



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