Brad Ormand Pro Tools Session

10.19.2014 – Songs & Synth

Lots of activity this past weekend regarding projects…  The most notable is the new vocal chop melody I arranged for “Doing Fine”.  It really has impact!  I am really happy with how that song is sounding, and can’t wait to iterate over all of them again.  I keep pressing my own limits and it’s apparent that if I just keep going, I will create the sounds that I have dreamed about.  But, it seems to just come from staying relaxed and following my interest and “letting” myself go – having no deadlines or pressure, but just dropping into the creation of these songs because I like to improve the impact of their delivery – making the speakers talk!

Speaking of “talk”, I said that because it sounded cool (ha) to make a speaker “talk”, but halfway because also I have really been interested lately in formants and vocal box harmonics and how they shift over time and all of that.  One of the books I got in the other day describes some of that.  I had first heard of this topic back when Antares introduced AutoTune.  Glad to get more into it.  I want to synthesize vocal sounds.  I’m no expert right now, but I will implement something to that effect (somehow) in my designs.  It’s just where I’m at, I think – sound-wise.  The vocal chop I did for “Fine” is a testament to that (sounds great to me).  I love that style so much! I want to try synthesizing it, too.