Mac Pro 2008 RAM Slots

10.21.2014 – Job, Mac Pro & Destiny

Today, I spent all of my energy thinking on and developing the site for work. The mock looks so amazing, and I really want to do it justice for the users. It’s really a good opportunity to just do what I do best (compared with other back-end work I was doing). I’m a front-end UI engineer by interest and choice and I want to do that exclusively, and well, here’s more of it. Good thing. I’m working with new international team members this time. We have only just got past introductions, but it’s such a good situation.  Be done next week with this initial phase – with hopefully, a great-feeling and -looking UI!

And… Yeah, I stopped to get more DDR2 RAM on the way home from work, unprepared, last minute… And, yup – I picked up the wrong kind 🙁 oh well – I’ll get it settled tomorrow. But, I was really looking forward to working on some music tonight. When the RAM situation is taken care of, I’ll resume. Lot’s of good ideas for several songs lately.

Man, I’m gonna tell ya… I don’t enjoy as much playing the Crucible battles or the multiplayer stuff in Destiny – just doesn’t add up, story-wise.  Haha – the gameplay and concepts are greAt – don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to feel like I was a crusader on a mission, instead of a human being playing an avatar knowingly playing another avatar that has another human attached to it “pretending” to play a storyline.

Haha – I’m being kind of facetious, but yeah – it seems to bust the illusion of the story a bit.  I like to be on a story mission like in Dead Space or GoW or Far Cry, really, instead. Plus, I have never really been a good multiplayer person, even though I have some really good memories playing with other players… However, I do like the gameplay and the open, community environment, and I love the shit out of Bungie.

But, regardless… on to Venus, we go, haha. Gotta blow off some steam, being entertained for a bit – plus, I get to examine game art and polygons and textures and fantastic UI – this is my world, too – it inspires me – for UI, for music, for SFX, for algorithms, for life.