Brad Ormand's Tektronix 2235 Oscilloscope

10.22.2014 – Job, Synth & Mac Pro

I’m split two ways. Haha – between work projects and my own. It has always been that way, I guess. I seemed to have lost a bit of steam in my creativity and enjoyment factor. I have to put the deadline for work first – because it’s my bread and butter (literally), and they count on me to do this in several ways, and I don’t mind doing it.  I like my job. It’s a wonderful project and I’m blessed with the opportunity to do it, but the fear lies in not being able to get it all done in time.  However, I met with some project leads and got a few of my questions clarified, so I feel waaay better – The project is still on track!


Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 8.02.20 PM

This morning, I had thoughts of building my synth package up, again. I might refine it to be more of a Frequency Generator with different waveform options as opposed to a musical instrument (yet). I need one for my lab bench anyway. I want to build a prototype digital multi-waveform oscillator machine from scratch to get the reps in – to learn their principles well. I’ll build that, program the UI, make the boards, set the case, and start using it to run clean signals through my analog filter experiments, and, also cuz I wanna use my Tek 2235 2-channel Oscilloscope to measure the input and output of each wave post- and pre- filters.  Tek analog is a beautiful blue-green-juicy candy cane blast to use – more than any other oscar I have worked with – nothing looks cooler lol..

Plus, it would be waaay cooler to have a freqGen that I built personally than to have a store-bought one. I’ll make sure it’s accurate. And then… Based off of what I learn from that experience, seeing it all the way through, touchscreen menus and all, I will build a musical multi-voice synth, and even more synths after that, including a digitally-controlled analog synth – I have mentioned before that that’s what I want to be capable of.
Yet, I can’t dump myself into it now. Gotta get that site for work built first. Enough writing. Here we go 🙂

A few hours later… I have a really cool-looking set of animated panels, in and out that I think will Wow the audience (that work is presenting it to) and gain interest for the product – nice, smooth Quadratic eases and the panels are all functional, as well. Screen size detection for centering elements, a nav to switch states in-page, non-refresh-style. Loving it! It’s coming along. I don’t think I can show the screenshots or video of it since it’s proprietary / under NDA, but you can see my style of web UI from this and my other public sites.

K just ordered the DDR2 FB-DIMM RAM for my Pro Tools Mac Pro from New Egg – after returning the generic DDR2 RAM that I mistakenly purchased the other day. Ugh – glad that’s done. Now… As soon as I get that RAM installed (and it works), I’ll be getting back to those sub and kick parts for “Fine” and “Kitchen”. It’s weird having that system out of service right now. I miss it. 🙂