Brad Ormand AudioTool Case Construction on Lab Bench

10.23.2014 – Job & Audio Tool

More progress in the site for work – still making it happen. It’s looking good. I do have to take advantage of every hour, though… Or, I’ll be working over the weekend. Had a meeting with the UX and Design team, and it was fantastic – love that world, so detailed about every move the user could make. I admire the knowledge in that arena. I build their ideas in code and love to spend my time implementing this stuff, but one day I’d like to have more design / color / typography / UX knowledge.

And, in other news… I built the front panel of my Audio Tool (I have just been calling it the “Audio Tool”). I measured and marked the interface, drilled the holes, installed the controls, and now all that’s left is to run the wires – pretty tight in there. I changed my output meter to be a 10-segment LED bar instead of using 8 separate LEDs like before. Umm. Hope it works because I already cut the big hole for it 🙂


I wired up the LM3915 driver for it on a separate PCB and mounted it to the cover. Now, the final test begins. I have tested this circuit during the design phase on the breadboard a million times. I tested it once I fabbed and assembled the PCB, and it was fine, and now just gotta hope that the final product and case design didn’t screw anything up . If it did, I’ll fix it, but I’m hoping to crank it over tonight.  It’s lookin’ pretty hot.  lol