Custom Microphone by Brad Ormand

10.24.2014 – Audio Tool & Mic Jack

Well, the Audio Tool assembled fine last night, and it works as intended. One thing, though… When designing a board with controls of a certain complexity, I’m not going to use this “prototype” method anymore! Damn, it’s just that: Unless it’s labeled super-well and you have major knowledge of the circuit (i.e. Remembering how you laid out the schematic on the board), it’s just not feasible (nor enjoyable) to work with, in the end.  The traces *are* solder.  And, what if I have to service it in 10 months?  I’ll have to trace the traces all out again from the schematic.

I feel like I just “wung” it. Ha – if I was living in the 1960’s or something, this might have been the way to go, but, nah – from now on, I’m just going to lay out and etch a board from a proper routing with labeling and use flat flex modular style with headers instead of these screw posts when doing something with more than 5 ICs and over 10 controls… So – learned something there 🙂

However, the damn thing works! And, it does what I intended for it to do – to help me test audio gear on the go. Aside from wiring up the wrong size connector to my mic cable – everything is cool and the gang. I’ll get the right connector (1/8″ TRS) on the way home from work tomorrow, hook that up, test it, and then start on getting the blog going.