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10.26.2014 – Synth, Audio Tool & Cut Grass

Woke up dreaming about the VCO. I was still wiping my eyes when I was putting the LM5532 on the breadboard to implement it. Then, I took a break to hang with my Dad. He came over with a few lawnmowers that I borrowed to cut my yard with. So, we cut the grass and then got some BBQ. Lots of good conversation, talking about projects and current events and different things. For real – can’t get much better for a Sunday. Plus, the yard looks dope.


Ok, then I built the VCO. Took me few hours, exchanging values, but I got a solid square wave from 40Hz to over 6k. Fuck yeah… At one time, I had the low freq at about a hertz, just watching the trigger go on and off on the scope… like, that was a cool thing, I guess – but, might be cool for a LFO – I want audible frequencies only, on this aspect, though. And, also, it sacrificed some top end when I configured it that low. I was only able to range it to about 500hz or so at the top, and, number 2, the cap was not holding very long so the “square” was looking more like a deformed saw.

So, anyways – yup – 40 to 6k. Solid Square. I’m happy with that.  And, I got it going right at line level, about 1.7 volts peak max, which is what I wanted to be my specification throughout.  I put some keys up to the volts-in and played with the sound for a while, combining my Audio Tool osc with it – jacking the frequencies up as it crushed through the amp. It was fun. Now, on to figuring out some values for frequencies and shaping the other waves.


Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.48.27 PM

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