Brad Ormand Early Moon Painting Work-Up

10.30.2014 – Songs, Job & Moon Painting

I mixed down “Fine” again this morning before going to work. I added the beater side kick track back in. The kick is full and plenty. It might just work as-is, really. “Strike” is sounding excellent since I boosted the metal guitar synth around 2k – it’s almost surreal when the chorus hits. I think it’s a good balance and I hesitate to do any more work to it at all.

On the job front, I am nearing the end of my site project. Honestly, I have been a little anxious about it. I procrastinated some, just due to the sheer amount of work I had to do in order to get it right, plus animation. It had been up and down, my emotional level – nothing severe, just like a feeling of “this has to get done soon” feeling. The opposite of what I feel with my personal projects, which have no deadlines and no pressure (that’s becoming a theme). But, anyway, I’ll say this though: I love the people I am working with and am fortunate to be working in this field at this company doing what I do.


I painted up a storm last night. My clothes and hands got all “painty” and I even got some paint on the pool table felt. Oh well… It’s a comfortable place to paint, and it has good lighting. Lol.. But, yeah, I originally intended a moonscape, and mixed the color to start that, however once I began, I started to get more and more ideas, and well, I modified my direction vector a bit. It’s a little more: abstract, with natural aspects to it 🙂  I think I’ll try to rough it up with some kind of texture next, and I’m still thinking abut those ridges, too. It’ll take days and days to finally finish it, but it’s going in a pretty good direction! Especially displayed under overhead lighting.