Destiny - In-game Box animation

10.31.2014 – Job, Destiny & Browsers

I spent the entire night, well, until about 2am, finishing up the demo site for work. I’m happy, they’re happy. Feels good to have the content and framework done. Now, it’s just testing… I had an atrocious encounter with IE going into compatibility mode, when on an intranet  *after* I delivered it – dammit. Scrambled the site real good then spit it out – IE7-style.  Ugh. Halloween scare. Ha. It didn’t like addEventListener, to start with, and of course classList won’t work, and forget about querySelectorAll … So, had to explicitly disable compatibility mode with that meta tag. For real, though, ugh – why is that mode still around??? But, I fixed that up. It displayed nicely. And, it’s back to business.

I feel a high sense of accomplishment and kind of a pride feeling today, because I made myself complete the tasks required to finish the project on time, despite my tendency to float over to my other projects. Working on work stuff after job hours never bothered me, as long as it’s not too frequent.  And, it was of my own volition.  And, well, like I said, it feels good to have made the deadline. All these new *good* feelings, compared to the anxiety accompanying the lead up to the finish made it worth it, though, I learned – as long as you can stay on track, throughout. That’s the main takeaway for me, I think.  If you have stuff to do, just do it, like Nike.  And, it’s part of the reason I write in this log – so that I can look back on my experiences and learn (and re-learn lol) lessons like this. To find the harmony and balance in development so that it can be as enjoyable as possible. 🙂  And, that’s super-important, in my opinion, because it’s what allows the max amount of creativity to surface.


And, this is a pic I took of Destiny, in-game.  This made me think of the SSD1306 and my next animation.  It’s got that blue, OLED flavor-ade to it.  haha.  I figure the next one I’ll do will be something like this with stroke-squares/no fill.  I’d like to have them “drawing” themselves, but that’ll take more time.  I’ll do it if my initial idea pans out.  But, I’ll definitely have them floating about, bouncing off of the side or running patterns.

I can turn pixels off and on with this device, but not with 50% opacity or the like, so, I’ll not be able to do the glow or the background / mid layers, but I can totally do something like this – maybe with 3 different sizes with a few static and a few animating about.  I’ll just start one day and see how it goes.  Great inspiration!