Design Mock V2

11.02.2014 – Blog, VCO & Digikey

Not much going on today so far.  My current project is working on getting a good design for this WordPress blog going.  Yep, I’m writing all of this before it has gone live (for a month now).  I edited another video to go with the Audio Tool and synth VCO – a demo of how it sounds.  I mean pics just don’t do sound and animation any justice at all 😉  So, gotta break out the limited video editing skill that I have.  Good enough for now.

And, I have a potential design that I did a few months ago for the site, but it’s kind of “out there”.  However, it looks cool, tho, nonetheless.


I’m tweaking that now.  I’ve used the twentyfourteen theme as a base and cloned it to this “BlueTech” theme (that’s just what I’m calling it right now).  I have done quite a lot with it so far, and have chosen to use elements from this.  It won’t look exactly the same, but I hope to keep the colors, bg, header, and use the “eyeball” as an audio player or image gallery or something.  I don’t know.  I’m modifying the style.css file, making new sidebar.php and page.php’s, etc.  Still working on it…

Also, I’m putting together an order to Jameco and Digikey.  I’m getting in an ARM Cortex-M4 ATSAM4S (D32B), QFP, soon and getting a toolchain lined up.  And, I need some JFETs, 5532s, and some more mylar caps for the synth start-up on my breadboard – and a bunch of other stuff.