Brad Ormand Fourier Matrix Notes

11.04.2014 – Blog, SSD1306 & Fourier

I wrote a few more utility functions for my graphic lib and started a grid-like animation for the SSD1306.  Still having fun with that, exploring more.  And, as a result of looking up some other stuff, I stumbled upon some physics stuff that I had been studying from a few months ago and switched over to that.  I have studied Fourier Transforms like 1000 times before and still don’t have it all down, ugh – I have pages and pages of notes from a few years ago, from two months ago, and I’m generating more tonight, analog and discrete.

Seems like I’m gonna get it down one day by brute force.  Ha. Just by failing and failing at it until I see daylight.  I have many applications for it.  Yeah, when I get to start implementing it in practice, I think I’ll have an even better understanding of it since I can use code to explore it.  I’m interested mostly in exploring additive synthesis and the DFT time-to-frequency translation of arbitrary signals.

Fourier Transform Notes

I don’t see the point in using any FFT code libraries right now until I understand it, since this is one of the things I really want to write in depth, not just “obtain and use”.  I’ll write *my* implementation of it first, and then if I have a good understanding of the steps involved (decimation, butterflies, etc), then I might consider a DSP lib or something.  But, knowing me, I probably will just keep tweaking my own implementation, since my goal is to understand it, and if I understand it, then well, I can write better and better versions of the utilities over time.  But, in any case, I seek to know how the shit works and why.  And, I’m almost there.  I have real applications waiting to have these concepts put to use.

Fourier Matrix Notes

And, in other news, there’s the work for this blog that I have been doing – building the scaffolding of the site in CSS and working with the mock and images and GIMP. I love Photoshop, yes, and I have a license for it, but it’s not installed on every computer I have.  So, I have been using GIMP more and more.  Quite a few things you can do with GIMP.  GIMP good.  GIMP pretty cool.  I like the GIMP.  GIMP.