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11.05.2014 – ST7565R, Philosophy & Songs

It’s another heavy work week for me folks.  Some uh that early rising stuff again.  But, oh well – keeps me keen.  And, more and more tasks pile up, but that’s ok…  That’s what work *is*.

Also, a quick mention while I’m thinking about it…  I don’t let myself get *too* busy at any one time.  I’m never rushed or have too many things to do – at least in my personal projects / personal life.  It’s like I protect my peace of mind, firstly.  I seem to resist melodrama well.  I’m pretty chill all day.  It might seem like I do a lot, and I do, but it’s all “fun” for me and about the enjoyment of life.  Sometimes, there are mistakes or requests at work that press me pretty hard, but I’m talking about my personal projects.  I’m observing this…

It’s like I have an actively monitored “pressure sensor” in my head.  I can sense when I’m getting in the red, and discover why I feel this way and then focus on bringing the pressure back down – which might be actually doing some work, taking care of some things, talking with people, or backing off of aggressive goals.  I have an operating region where I work best, I have noticed, and staying there is critical to maintaining my “big picture view” and my creativity.

So, yeah, I kind of have a low threshold for getting too stressed.  I have worked stressed for years in my youth, but it’s like I found out that I just don’t have to do it anymore.  And, also because my strength is in letting my interest and creativity flow naturally, and that’s the fuel for the engine.  Other people have other strengths, and I have my weaknesses (believe me 🙂 ), and everybody’s different.  I mean, I don’t go around creating corporations or winning the Olympics or leading men into battle – haha.  Some other method works for those skills, I imagine.   But, it’s just something I have noticed since keeping track of projects – I have resonance when I am allowed to flow, and it’s dampened in proportion to the demand, and unusable beyond some threshold.

I have been writing in the blog directly, recently. Today, I’m remote and have some thoughts, so, I’ll write in Notes on my iPhone and transfer / edit later. My blog is just hosted locally now so there’s no way to use the internet with the WordPress app, etc, but I might consider that for later. I like Notes, anyway..

Mainly, I’m thinking about the display animation and music. First off, I’m having a large amount of fun doing them, and I have more ideas like I mentioned in a previous post. But, I am also craving a system integration and a controller, such as that capacitive touch display that I have in my lab (waiting for me lol). But, I feel like I just want to do one thing at a time. I can port those graphics and animations over easily. Basically, I can just finish the animations I wanna do with the SSD1306 and then maybe make a Time Clock UI with that display later.  I might make room on the breadboard for the ST7565R display and while I’m working on that, I’ll decide on an installation approach for the SSD. I don’t know. Just thoughts for now, but that seems to be the direction for now.

Ok, and I got a list of song tweaks, too:

– “Fine”: raise kick freq overall 1db. This is almost finished. Raise ostinato bell parts about 2db to cut through a bit, or find where they fit in more, freq-wise.

– “Kitchen”: write and record that guitar solo/ synth solo for the pre-bridge. Clean up digital noise on outro. Raise kick attack for all choruses. Experiment. Align square wave synth to position point on up beats in chorus to talking track.

– “Strike”: Kick is better, but still needs more attack and about 150hz.

– “Looking”: Bump 50 at top chorus chords – must match it’s resolution to second chord in volume. More tension! Electrocution, then release. Also, consider making top chorus more interesting with chopped talking bits.

– “Crush”: Cut 3k on main vox in chorus. More rough-sounding, not brittle. Second chorus sounds better than first, Why?? And bump the entire kick up 1db (again).

– “Action”: “Lights, camera, action” vocals need higher, vocoded accompaniment. They seem lonely 🙂 Increase kick attack at 2k-ish. The fundamental is plenty loud and fine.

– “Dive”: Bump kick at about 90Hz. Investigate TB-303 parts to be more prominent?? Chorus melody with more activity behind it? Consider.

Better get started 🙂