Brad Ormand Recording Tambourine

11.08.2014 – Synth Solo & Recording

Man, I wrote a really great synth solo for “Kitchen” yesterday.  It rocks hard.  I’ll stand by that.  I really think it’s gold star shit.  It’s interesting, soulful, and intelligent.  It’s just in the right place, too.  I actually don’t know how I did it.  I just set my mind to it and started writing with the intention of getting something useable, and boom, out came that.  I’m happy.

So, I’m really happy about that.  And, I think the kick/bass combo is finally on the level of finished.  All I have to do is check it, test it, and sleep on it a few times and love it.  When I love it, that’s when it’s done.  I put care into this stuff and try to make my own dreams come true, and I’m not going to sell myself short and just scratch something together over a few days and publish it out.  Things turn into other things over time – they morph, they mature, they solidify.  That’s why I’m glad I’m not in a rush.  This version has that maturity written all over it.  I’m happy about it.

Brad Ormand - Pro Tools Shot

And, it’s the same thing with “Fine”.  It just keeps getting better and better.  I was playing pool listening to it and thought, ya know, that chorus could sure use a hi-hat or shaker or tambourine…  So, I tested a few instruments out from my percussion bin of various bells, shakers, tambs, and noise-makers.  The brass tambourine was the ticket.  I set up the gear and overdubbed it in.  Makes a huge difference – it really distinguishes it from the pre-chorus, now.

Brad Ormand Recording Tambourine

I had yet another deadline to reach yesterday for work and thus I couldn’t get started with much this week.  Mainly, it’s just been crafting the WP theme up and mixing these songs.  The theme is looking awesome.  I’m in CSS and JavaScript monster mode, since for work, I have had to spend nearly 8 hours a day putting together a pixel-perfect site layout, and send data back and forth from the server, and show/hide different parts of the UI based on user actions.

So, it really keeps me “in the groove”, working with site stuff in both places – toggling back in the morning.  It’s like staying warmed up.