Brad Ormand Old Audio Player

11.09.2014 – Friends, Music Player & Songs

I spent the whole day with family and friends.  Oh, I’m whirling with wind, spinning with delight and loving life.  Regenerated.  We shared project details back and forth and just chatted about life and new babies and falling stars.  For hours.  I mean… any person with an active creative process needs this.  Just, interfacing with people who love you, and people you love.  It’s part of the creative process as far as I’m concerned.  It’s fundamental to revealing the underlying reasons why it’s okay (and naturally preferable) to tend towards being happy and enjoying stuff – you discover and re-discover life reality and natural laws by this process.

Relax, it’s okay.  Nothing’s wrong.  Nothing’s on fire right now.  ThAt was the mood.  Just chillin’, watchin’, lookin’ like big cats on the ledge of a den.  It’s Sunday.  Watch squirrels together, talk about mathematics, kick the soccer ball around, help an old lady, hug the kids, look up to the sky and discuss.  There’s just a wonder and intrigue I have about life right now.  It’s compelling.  It contributes to why I even pick up the soldering iron or drumsticks or the grid paper.  I want to express it.

I mixed a hardcore version of “Kitchen” just now.  The kick and bass are so tight and have that low 50Hz touch, just how I have always imagined it.  I tweaked the bus compression a bit to accommodate the sound I wanted overall, at about a 1.8:1 ratio with about 15 db in the thresh, an attack to let the kick transients through, and a high release – tweaked by sound so I don’t remember the numbers.  But, it sounds better than ever.  I loosened it up a bit.  The sound is full and crisp. And, this is all after thousands of little tweaks today with the internal tracks and EQs and automation for about 3 hours.

And, in other news, I really want to learn to play those sextuplets as fast as what I wrote in for “Kitchen” a few days ago on my guitar.  I mean, I’m pretty close!  But, I’lll need practice 🙂  I used the guitar to help me write it with MIDI, but…  well, I just can’t muster it all, live.  So, I’m changing my strings back to 10’s on the Stratocaster and adjusting the neck to be optimum.  I got a new pack of strings waiting on the bench.  I used 13’s to record all of the rest of the guitar parts on “Kitchen”, and now I want to change them out and learn to play that solo live with some light strings.  Actually, I kinda have a stiff road ahead of me.  I can’t even play 16th triplets at 120 with an minor standard scale.  I just will have to work it up..  In fact, the first hurdle to try for might be just that:  Play the different permutations of the minor scale up the neck at 120 in sextuplets.  We’ll see…

I worked on my site music player for 5 or 6 hours.  It’s almost there.  I have it transferred over to the Bradster BlueTech theme WordPress.  Most of the modification was in the CSS, since the JS was very much abstracted as a standalone audio player.  I had it on my old site, as in the photo:

Audio Player

And, so, it’s still in the works.  And, it’s going to be augmented to show the details of each song, to provide a download button, and to re-configure sharing and it’s operation on Androids and iPhones.  I guess the biggest thing is to get the music itself ready!