Brad Ormand's Metal Paint Case

11.10.2014 – Calculus & Paint Case

I spent some time studying trigonometric identities and some more calculus in preparation to be more adept at understanding the Fourier Series and Transforms.  I have a rudimentary understanding of Calculus from school and from other avenues I have ventured into in the past with physics and programming (for instance, I frequently use velocities and acceleration in my animations and have to calculate them).  And, my internship was a actually a physics internship at NASA/JPL, but the day-to-day activities was really more computer-science-related solving some physics problems.   So, I’m not scared of the mathematics anymore, but it is frustrating a bit when you need to derive or transform trigonometric functions and don’t remember the identities or derivatives off-hand.  Or, when I need to understand something quickly and am rusty with some of the less-frequently-used notation.  So…  I’m trying to beef up the skills a bit so that they don’t get in the way of my understanding.

It’s kind of a bit like what I’m doing with guitar, as well.  To get good habits and sufficient skill so as to be able to use them to express myself without having to remember, explicitly, the techniques or placements I’m using – so that they are automatic and ingrained, and I can just speak in fast, native brain machine language and just start expressing instead of thinking: “What was that chord configuration again?”, or in a moment’s instant: “Do I pull off here or pick it?”.  Instead, I just *do*.  So, that’s what I’m trying to achieve.  Also, that’s when it becomes the most fun and interesting, I think 🙂

Also, over the weekend, I built a paint case from supplies I got at the Home Depot – I love that place!  I needed to find a solution because I had robbed the shelf the stuff was formerly in to put my Tek Oscillator on.  And, I had been wanting to make something a little more proper and accessible.  It’s a great addition to the shop.  It was a fun project.

Brad Ormand - Making a metal case

Brad Ormand's Metal Paint Case

Brad Ormand's Metal Paint Case with Paint