Brad Ormand - Fourier Transform Notes

11.11.2014 – Jameco & Blog

Umm..  yeah, I’m super excited because my Jameco shipment came in…  whew!  My 5532’s, JFETs, mylar caps, my 160 LEDs, some PCB connectors, the awesome new white/grey LCD (damn – can’t wait to write the driver and get it dropping black-grey rain!) and a whole bunch of other components that I need for my projects.

I’m still tweaking my WP theme, and it’s coming along.  I have the music page and player to a good point, and I am starting on the blog index, which I think will be a risk, but a hit.  We’ll see.  And, I’m still formatting the posts and image widths and heights and paddings and fonts and etc, for the whole thing.  It just takes tine.  Soon enough, it’ll be dropped and live.

Last night and a few times in the last few days, I went back and tried to get a good grasp on Euler’s formula (e^ix = cos x + i sin x ), so that I could get the necessary background to be able to understand the Fourier Series and Transformations in a little more depth.  I studied Euler’s formula, the power series and the the nth derivatives of sine and cosine – very interesting stuff!  And, it gave me the background I needed to plow through the core of Fourier’s stuff.  So, that seemed to be the key for me – the point where it all came together.  I’m very close.