Brad Ormand - Synth Diagram

11.17.2014 – Synth & Chips

I like this title, “Synth and Chips”.  Makes me think of a small, dark British pub that serves fish (and chips) that has a few guys up there with Moog’s and TR-808’s and TB-303’s playing night jazz.

But, I mean to say that I started back on the synth circuit and that I’m ordering new ARM chips.  Haha.

Alright, so, all of this investigation into the Fourier Transforms was to add that to my toolbelt to use when designing audio gear.  It’s interesting to me as well, and was great learning.  Plus, I can investigate using it for synthesis sometime in the near future.  But, for now, I’m designing the amp and filters to use in my digitally-controlled analog synth.  The sound generation and signal path will be all analog, but the control voltages and gates and triggers and some effects (opted in or out, blatantly digital, like granulation or sample glitches, and maybe the delay) will be digital.  I drew a diagram (not exactly finished, yet – very preliminary scratch note) while I was waiting for my hamburger, at the deli across the street from work, between my morning and afternoon meeting.  It’s work that has to be done, first.  Still coming up with the concept…

Brad Ormand - Synth Diagram

There’s much to be designed, and I’m making this my official embedded project right now.  The work with the SSD1306, the Fourier work, the work on the Audio Tool, the analog filters work, and the VCO work all converge to contribute to this.  I have that ST7565R display that I’ll put some time in to write a driver for and investigate to see if I want to use that instead, but other than that, I’m pretty much committed to this project until at least the end of the year.