Brad Ormand - Moon Painting First Coat

11.18.2014 – Painting & Chip Fault

I realized that the breakdown of my 8-bit chip might not have come from my ADC overvoltage (and negligence 😉 ).  In fact, it turns out, the chip might not be faulty at all!  Instead, my chip programming tool is dead.  It won’t turn on, even.  And, the last time it programmed, it probably only got a few bits in and that’s why the chip doesn’t turn on.  So… I’m going to bet that’s what it is.  Don’t now for sure, but it’s very plausible.

I actually have another 8-bit AVR programmer, the MKII, but it died a few years ago, actually (I don’t know why I keep it around – maybe because the lights still come on and it looks pretty and I have some hope for repair).  It doesn’t sense any chip when other programmers do.  I’ve been around the block trying to figure it out with no luck – days of work on it with no result over the years.  And, that was the case with it today – no result, even with a fresh chip. I’m not going to pop the cover and debug it.  I’ll toggle off of programming until I get the Cortex-M4’s in next week (Niice!)  I can’t wait.

And, in other news, I got some more plaster and made the ridges in my moon painting even deeper.  It’s going to be really awesome!  I sculpted it so that when placed under a light source, the top ridges cast a shadow over the lit groove (lighting not yet implemented) and since it’s slightly larger at different points along the ridge, the light will shine out non-uniformly, and I imagine different bumps and features will light and cast as well.  Should be pretty cool!