Brad Ormand - 4 x 4 LED Matrix Snake

11.19.2014 – Moon Painting & LEDs

I drew up a temporary wiring diagram for the LED matrix to go into the moon painting installation.  It was a good exercise to do – to put a matrix layout onto a strip.  I have seen it done, and then have always wanted to do one.  So, here’s my chance.


I had to use colored pens so I wouldn’t confuse myself.  The lines accumulate at the end of the strip, and it’s gets to be a little hard to follow.  I’ll use different colored wires when I wrap ’em all up for the install.  The pattern will make it so I can cascade the turn-on delay from the top left, zig-zagging towards the bottom left.  You can see the ridges pattern in the “schematic”, as I was trying to plan out the spacing.  It’s 4×4, but the sequence will share 3 groups of 3, 9, and 6, in order.  So…. It’s coming along, little by little.  Nice and relaxed and as I have time. 🙂