Brad Ormand - Moon Painting - Plaster Phase

11.23.2014 – Blog, UNIX, & Painting

I went ahead and painted over those ridges on the Moon Painting.  This one seems to be taking a little longer than usual, but I think it’s because of the 3D part.  It is, because I adjusted the brightness of the colors and the “sand grain” texture on the paint to be brighter and deeper so that it would show deeper shadows under an overhead light.  That’s what I didn’t like about the older version..  it was just too dark.  It looks really cool close up, but it was too dark.

And, now, I have a base layer painted, plus a few off-shades on top of it and the crater shades in there.  I think I’ll run the same technique as last time to get in the painted texture, which is to drip paint with a certain water concentration on top of it in a particular tightness pattern and then there’s this way I spread the “drips” out with my fingers.  And, then I load the brush and blend.  So, I’ll do that later on.

Brad Ormand - Moon Painting - Plaster Phase

Brad Ormand - Moon Painting - Painted Over

And, in other news, I took an online UNIX course.   It was about a 7-hour course. I commonly use the UNIX command line both at work and at home for editing host files, setting permissions, moving stuff around on a remote server, and adding to the PATH, but I wanted to go a little deeper into the hole.  I’m glad I took the course!  There’s a lot you can do with grep and xargs and piping, and there are other shells that I haven’t ever even used.  And, I got to know the UNIX kernel a bit more.  And, plus, I’m going to be better at writing shell scripts now with this training.

That was actually kind of part of my vacation, lol.  I basically spent Saturday (yesterday) doing that course and painting.  I just finished up the course and practicing the lessons today.  I’m on vacation until next Monday (not tomorrow, Monday..  the *next* Monday) Niiice!