Brad Ormand - JTAG Mapping

11.27.2014 – Thanksgiving

Lots of Thanksgiving-related outings I’m going on.  I have been out of town twice on mini-road trips and have seen a lot of wonderful people in the last few days!  I love the holidays.  I got to eat turkey, play football in the yard with the guys, build camp fires, play pool, engage in deep conversation…  I got to “ride along” on a shoot of a TV commercial.  Hell, I was an assistant camera operator to my brother who was running the thing.  It was fun.  I watched as he’d raise the cam from the floor to reach for the sky on the jig crane thing, at least 12 feet in the air and swoop it around back.  Lots of cool and crazy stuff going on right now.

As far as projects, I’m just kind of getting back into the swing of things…  I did figure out the JTAG pins of the ARM Cortex M4 that I soldered onto that board, recently. I got ARM GCC and the communication software rolling.  Now, it’s just seeing if I can communicate to it (or flash it already) from the Mac.  Once I get signal acquisition from the chip, I mean once I can confirm that it’s all in order and works fine, I’ll flip back over to programming it to test out the FFT on the SSD1306 or some other display since my shit went out before I could produce an animated version of the FFT stuff last week (or so).  It was just a weird (and mysterious) coincidence that I was at the pinnacle of the venerable and illustrious Fourier transform showcase, and….  Hardware Malfunction.  Shit.  Gotta step back and rebuild some stuff before I can move forward.  Anyway… then once that’s wrapped up, I’ll finally get back to the main project – the synth! (Oh, and, I have to launch this Project Log pretty soon, too).  There’s a lot to do, and here we go…

Brad Ormand - JTAG Mapping

Whew!  So, I’m just in a nested function call right now with all of these things going on at once, especially with the holidays.  But, I did my social stuff, got my fill, I encountered and overcame adversity, and now I’m going strong as ever.  Just gotta knock these bits out piece by piece.

Also, after Thanksgiving lunch while on the couch watching the Cowboys with my friends and family, I had a chance to draw a little bit of a better diagram for my Moon Painting “snake”.  It’s that LED square matrix array that I want to be made into a cable that I started a few weeks back.  So, now I’ll be intermittently going over to the “art dept.” when I take breaks from the synth and FFT vector.

Brad Ormand - 4 x 4 LED Matrix Snake, part 2

I realize, again, that there’s really a lot on my plate, as far as the projects I’m into.  But, I actually love it.  In a few weeks, everything will be caught back up and I’ll have a product to demo and a better direction for what all of this means, long-term.  I just have an indication in my mind that I want to produce these projects, and I’m not about to stop now.  I’m biting off more than I have ever bit off before.  Now spending time chewing.  But, if you have done that in real life (bit off too much food for the size of your mouth hole), you know you eventually get it all chopped and swallowed and then you’re free for whatever comes next (or you choke or spit it out, but that’s not going to happen 😉 ).  I kind of have that same feeling today.  But, all while smiling and wanting to get back into it.  whew.  hahaha – But, I’m busy chewing.