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12.01.2014 – Sick, Site & Host

Sick Site & Host?  No, I don’t mean “sick site”…  and this time, *I’m* the host.  Ugh!  …But, noooo – the title is interpreted this way, instead: While I have been working on the site’s pages and getting my web host configured for the launch, I got fucking sick – like the flu…  Shit.  Damn, man!  (haha – sorry for the profanity. I’m just playfully ranting, and smiling) – it’s from my outing on Thanksgiving Day, it’s gotta be!  My Brother, my Mom, and my friend (and me) that were there all have the same shit that started Saturday – sore throat, sneezing, congestion, and just pure shittyness feelings (I’m not sure if I am spelling shittiness right or if it’s shittyness, but eitherway…  it’s pretty shitty).  Alright, I’m gonna be honest…  Earlier I had the real thought of how long it was going to be before I turned into a warewolf!  No joke.  I’m not myself today.

Ugh, I have been lying on this bed and in my chair just trying to stay chill and notice the human body do it’s thing.  It’s pretty amazing.  Sometimes I wonder what purpose this serves, and kind of hope that a bout with the flu kind of “is part of it”, part of life, helping in a way.  And, I just got back from the T break, and gotta miss more work – Mmmm, just kind of not ideal.  Oh well.  I’ll be okay no matter what.

But, ENNyway….  enough about that.  LEt’s talk web hosting.   Media Temple is where I have wanted to lay my bit bags down for a while now – more recently since I talked to the (mt) reps at jQuery Con when they came to Austin.  And, I have a nice feeling about what I researched during that time.  Well, since now it’s time for me to change hosts, I considered them first.  But, of course, I looked really deeply into HostGator and A Small Orange and PowWeb and BlueHost – painfully considering each option, and they were great, and I’d be happy at those places, as well.  But, I like (mt).  Gut feeling decision made.  Let’s move in.  PHP 5.5, mySQL5, git 1.7 and svn 1.7, Apache 2.2, Linux and my choice of Plesk or cPanel – on a Virtual Private Server so I can do my thang my way.  I have used cPanel for years, but I really like Plesk, and I’m going with that, actually.  Gimme it.  But, I’m getting more powerful with the Unix command line since my Unix training, and I’d like to just be able to set up servers and secure and manage them like that one day – straight from the command line.  Okay, not today – one thing at a time…

I’m migrating manually, downloading FTP contents as I go.  In fact, I’m downloading now.  I had internet bandwidth issues at my place – a tech is coming out later from my ISP. We’ll get that fixed.

And, my current web host is self-destructing.  I kind of feel sorry for them (they’ll remain unnamed), but Bradster gotta go. U kno.  I was telling a close friend that breaking up with a long-time host is similar to breaking up with a girlfriend.  I mean, I just have so many memories and want them to succeed and still have a sentimental feeling about it.   …but, they’re not going in the direction of success, and in fact, it’s really miserable for me.  So, I go.

There’s not much else to say but that I felt like I was really back on track with my projects a couple of days ago, and now, nature has indicated that I need to chill out and get well, first.  So, I comply.  Life is still good.  Once I get through the fog, I’ll have a lot of good things waiting for me to bust out on.  🙂