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12.06.2014 – Songs and Site

Yup.  I made a whole bunch of edits and adds to these songs.  I was sitting at the computer programming my site, listening to “Find That Feeling” and had a melody idea, and just stopped everything and was singing it on the way to the audio workstation so I wouldn’t forget it.  I powered it up, jumped in and recorded it quite nicely.  I played it out beforehand on the JP-8000 synth just to solidify it.

While I was in Pro Tools, I went ahead and got in to my list of tweaks for 3 other songs, as well.  So, I have a few good, clean mixes to turn on tomorrow while I drive.  I drove the woofers in the studio to more than I’m used to in order to overcome the consistent error that I make of not having enough low end – since the very first post of this blog, in fact.  But, it is well taken care of now!

It’s likely to be too much, in fact.  …I keep saying that to myself and it never is, but this time, it’s right on the edge.  The goal is to have full-ass range in these songs – for the kicks and bass to shake any woofer it comes in contact with as much as the big studios mix theirs to do – but with also the presence and loudness of the instruments, as well – without sacrifice there.

Brad Ormand Pro Tools Session

And, it’s not just the gross bass level I’m concerned with, of course.  It’s the proper mix of the right high-mid punching frequencies and lower subsonic support – all working together to make something powerful.  It defies words – BY FAR, and it is only achievable by monitoring your built-in sensors – ears, of course, but the way your fingers vibrate on whatever surface you’re holding, the way your clothes tingle your leg hairs (if you’re a man, I guess) and the way your chest cavity responds to each transient, and the emotions you feel out of “in-tuneness”.  I mean – it’s not communicable.  You can’t tell someone what feels right without feeling it natively through those methods, first.  And, then, the words are hard to come by and usually come in metaphors like “punch” and “woofing” and “low” and “throaty” and “rumble” and “tight” and “loose” and “sub”, etc…

That’s why I like this shit.  It’s hard.  It’s not straightforward.  It requires the “native” stuff of being connected to your body and listening to your feelings.  FFT and analysis won’t help you if you don’t have the sensor-brain connection going on.  In other words – listening and feeling it, artfully.

But, anyway…  The mixes are, again, better than ever.  There are a few items that I might re-do or adjust bandwidth on, but all of it sounds like it could go out right now, really.  I’m not in that recording phase or the song-construction phase anymore.  I’m setting up the final mixes.  The whole last year was the other phase.

I’ll have QA sessions coming up with friends and I’ll run my own internal QA regimen on various systems, too.  I can’t be more excited about this release!  I mean, it’s my best effort to date, and it something special.  Something that I’m really liking – and that says a lot, right there. 🙂

As far as the site…

I built a couple of custom WP_Query (s) that make my Project Log home page  (where you’ll eventually be able to get to this post 🙂 ) show various selections of my blog.  And, the rest of the time was spent getting the CSS right for the design and for the different device widths.  Most of the blog / project_log homepage interface will be through “icons” of featured image and title as opposed to previews of blog posts.  I like it like that.  I have always wanted to do something like that, and here it is.

Brad Ormand - Blog Posts

I’m adding a Digital Art section, as I came across some of my earlier work and just felt like I want to show that as well.  I’m not a through-and-through “designer”, but I have done stuff, and that “stuff” is kind of cool, and I like how they turned out.  Most of it is user interface renders and 3d model renders.  And, some of it is design stuff like audio players and video players that I designed.  So, yeah.  It’s just that kind of fun stuff that I like to do in my spare time.

As for the server, I’m still downloading my complete server down to my local computer and organizing what other stuff I want to upload to the new server.  It’s a manual process.  It’s a little more complicated than “select the root folder of the old server and drag it over to start downloading all of it”.  Uhhh, yeah, because, well, my current host has major, major, problems and I can only get a few directories off at a time via FTP before an “Unrecognized” or “Lost Connection” error occurs.  Disconnect, reconnect, and it goes away.  But, I’m just being patient and moving on.  There’s no need to get mad or tell them anything.  I contacted them before I started the blog and well, it’s just really not very effective, let’s say.  They got bought out by a bigger company, and then I noticed serious degradation starting about two years ago. I have been patient.  But, anyway, the details are really boring.

So, now, I just have my home page to design and then I’ll be right as rain.  I’ll start that tomorrow.  I showed a circular sci-fi style interface before, but it’s not going that direction anymore.  I’ll have a cleaner style and something more modern happening.

And, I worked on so much other stuff around the site, too.  I was trying to profile the user’s bandwidth connection to my music player so that I could display it or select an appropriate baud rate for them.  I will still implement that, but really just for display.  I will set all music coming from at 128kbps instead of 192kbps.  I updated the legal section for users to read my policy on copyright.  It’s ultra short and that’s all it needs to be.  I changed some hover colors, search result formatting, h1 header styling, track listing layout, small display layout, and much more.  I’m exhausted, actually.  Ok, until tomorrow…  Thanks for tuning in.