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12.10.2014 – Job & Site

I guess I’m gonna have to talk about this…  I usually like to talk about my personal projects on this site, but I think this relates.  It’s just that I’m experiencing kind of a heavy load from my job.  It’s not *too* much work, per se.  It’s just that I have it on my mind a lot – things I have to do with the projects there, things I’d do differently, and things I think that have been misunderstood and need clarification, and what’s the best way to communicate it.  It’s all part of a job, I guess.

However, that being the case, it’s kind of taking mental energy away from my projects in my off time, so I’m struggling to get settled enough to dive into some of the things waiting for me at my shop at home.  And, that directly relates to my projects.

So, logging this here is like another citing of what influences a smooth operation at my shop.  Having stuff on the mind that’s not worked out elsewhere comes with me to my projects.  I had a good experience yesterday calming my mind.  I went out in nature and walked around and sat in the sun for a good while just observing birds and the wind and the clouds, and that helps clear things up.  I think lots of times my mind just needs that space and resolves itself once it’s given.  So, I’ll try that again when I feel this way in the future.  I’ll keep that in mind.

Other than that, I’m organizing the assets for the final page of the site build.  I have a demo space on the www while I check it in various browsers, test the gadgetry, and adjust sizes.  I imagine it’ll be a few more days and the site will be ready to go.  It’s looking really hype.  I like the comfortable feeling while browsing through it.  And, I also like that it represents me well.  I mean, it’s just straight the truth of my life and what I care about.  And, that’s the best way it could be.

Brad Ormand Site - Home