Brad Ormand - Rooftop Work 2

12.13.2014 – Construction & LEDs

I went to work at a construction site today.  I worked on laying and bolting down ~20-foot tin panels on a rooftop with a team of 4 – about 40 feet up, where most of the roof was just empty space (don’t fall through!).  We were bridging those gaps between the steel beams.  A little dangerous, but we were careful.

Brad Ormand - Roof Work 1

Actually, it was my Dad’s site.  He needed a few extra men, and I agreed to come.  He know’s I’m down for this stuff, too.  And, damn, I’m reminded – that guy’s a tough and smart dude.  The site was at the adjacent auto yard to where I grew up working and going to work with my dad in my youth.  I also scored a ruined (but still reverse-engineer-able) Ford speedometer cluster that they let me have.  I’m always on the lookout for these type of things when I’m on the job with Dad or his crew, and he knows it, and sometimes points things out to me or saves stuff for me.  I’ll tear it down pretty soon to see how it works (as much as possible).  Feel like a kid again  lol.

Brad Ormand - Ford Speedometer Cluster

But, back to the job… We worked a full day driving metal self-tapping screws into iron beams through tin roofing.  But, for each big-ass sheet that took two people to carry, we had to line it up and seal, with reel tape, the edges to get it in position.  I knew all but one of the guys, and I met him well, and one of them was my brother.  I get along with my brothers well – we all do similar things in one way or another, and even if we didn’t, we’d still hang out together and have fun and laugh.  Pretty soon, we all had a really good system rolling – switching off at just the right times to fill gaps, and were very efficient.  Brings men together, work like this.

I look a bit funky in that cap, and I guess it was fighting the wind that explains my stance, but there you have it.  Man standing on a roof of his work. Haha.

Brad Ormand - Rooftop Work


Brad Ormand - Rooftop Work 2

And, now… The LEDs…  So, I bought a shitload of 1mm by 3mm Lumileds from Phillips.  Well, about 200 or so.  And, these are SMT 20 – 30mA standard LEDs that I’m putting to work for me for my painting and craft illumination projects.  They come on a convenient tape reel leader tape (or whatever they’re called).  So far, I have a design that I have been making – with those LED snakes I have been talking about and drawing, and now I have a prototype painting that I’m going to try them out on – I got it painted and drying.  Now, I’ll prototype it out with wire, program a chip, and see where it goes.

I tried so many things with the moon painting to get it to accept those other LEDs that I got in gracefully, but they just aren’t going to take, and the light pipe idea went south, and so, I’m going to wire up a 16-light demo and see if I think I can make that work with the moon painting, afterward.  It’s all part of of my ideas coming together.  I have to do preliminary steps that I discover *while* on the journey, and have to step back and do those first.  Or, at least, that’s the way I do it – where moving forward leads to discovery, and then that discovery leads to more re-adjustment.  “Follow the plan”  usually never happens, because I have already, and voluntarily, let go of the idea of “a plan”.  What I do is much more R&D than implementing procedures, pre-defined.  Usually for me, there is always a steady, directional *light* that shines the way, from my internal “sensors”.  That’s what to rely on, instead.  I keep constantly recognizing where it’s pointing, and I compare it with the real world project’s direction and make the adjustment.   But, there is no full plan that I know of. 🙂

I’m just about ready to start development on this thing…  as soon as…  hopefully this is the last time I say it…  as soon as I launch the site!  Haha.