Brad Ormand - Animated Color Light Fixture

12.24.2014 – Holiday & Tri-Wing Light

Whew! I am officially on holiday!  I had to work a half day today, but I have 8 upcoming days off.  Luvvit.  I go see family and friends tomorrow, eat some good grub, play more football, talk shop with my bros, and see what conversations pop up with everybody there.  Damn.  I love it.  It’s also just about freezing here in Austin, Texas – I read 33 F on the thermo just now.  Good enough for the south.  Fine with me.

So, I put together a prototype yesterday and today, extending my work from the other light fixture projects.  Right now, I’m really loving the love I’m getting from this piece!  And, there are just so many things I’m going to be able to do with it!  It’s just one of those moments…

Emitting color in slow fades and then fast bursts, the driver board I designed for the fixture is custom to the application.  It’s angled just right and fits right in to the center, measured and cut just right.  I’m liking this.  🙂  It looks great in real life.  Gotta get some vid up soon to document this.  I have a few prototype products ready to use this driver already.  Same birch wood as the painting from a few days ago, and I’m going to decide on a stain and a gloss during my vacay.  Here’s the working proto pic:

Brad Ormand - Animated Color Light Fixture

I’ve just about got the SMD Eagle PCB design rolling for a V1 semi-production-test version, but I’m going to etch a few on my own with Ferric Chloride from that design first to see what variances I want to make. I made this proto with thru-hole parts I had laying around the shop.  The birch is light, but durable, and it’s easy to work with.  Plus, the grain is super beautiful.  I like working with it.  As soon as I get time (upcoming), I’m going to make a few more embellishments to the Tri-Wing design and fly with it 😉 .  Right now, though, it’s about producing these animations and putting the touch buttons together for the control.  I’ll make some more headway and then toggle back to the V1 driver after I have more information on what API I want to give it and what protocol I want to communicate to it with.  Still in dev…

Brad Ormand - TriWing RGB Driver

I’m really excited right now about this.  I mean, I know lighting like this has been done before, but this is a huge stepping stone for me – I have been wanting to produce my own flavor of these for YeaRs – since at least 2008 when my boss at JPL had a similar fixture in the hallway to his office that entranced me.  There are a few things that I think will make a product like this successful, and I want to prove the concept and add my special Renegade touch.  And, plus, I can combine my handmade art and painting with it.  What a great thing to get excited about.  That’s half of the fun of it.

Brad Ormand - Prototype Fixture Designs

So, as I go along, I’ll be trying to integrate aluminum and acrylic “glass” into the designs.  I have experiments in the lab right now, but that are not ready for prime time.  As soon as I drop those, I think I’ll have some firm ledges to stand on for what I’ll be able to produce in the future with products like this.  Onward we go.  I’m beat.  Time for bed.  Merry Christmas!