Brad Ormand - Synth UI

12.29.2014 – UI Art Design & Songs

I had a few ideas, recently that I wanted to draw up as real interfaces.  This one, I wanted to do as an interface for controlling a synth module with your fingers, lighted up, of course to the beat or ambient sound.  I also liked the “bird-ness” of the last one I did – kind of like an eagle or a falcon drawing from New Mexico or the ancient Aztecs.  So, I was kind of in that “vibe” when I drew this.

I drew a place for an LCD or OLED matrix display where you can program the machine to do several things, like assign pads to voices or control timbre or routing.  Now, my synth, the “guts” of it, at least are wAy down the road to being able to do this kind of stuff, but…   Well, now I know what Im going to want it to do. 🙂  So, it’s like that synergy between concept and design, and iterating back and forth, I guess.

Brad Ormand - Synth UI

So, going forward, I’d like to cut this one out, route it, drill it, paint it and try to attach the touch sensors I’m building to it, and then combine my synth module (currently on my biggest breadboard) with it.  So, this will be my first synth integration with pads and digital control.  I have built various synths and compressors and EQs and noisemakers in the past, but they were very “project-style”, not really a presentable product.  They sounded awesome (I think – and my friends thought), but I would stuff a proto board into a plastic cup I found in my kitchen and take it around with me, before.  And, shit like that.  haha.  I want a real product prototype that is presentable and that flows with fascination.  Actually, I want that for me.  But, I hope others will like it as well.  We’ll see how it goes as we go along.

Brad Ormand - Synth UI Creation

And, as for my music….  I went ahead an put some clinical bass into “Looking For” straight from the signal generator!  Pure sine at 58 Hz, and more in different places.  But, I listened back, and well, I think I need a few more harmonics – at least one, an octave above.  I want the chorus on this song to pound with bass, but not be just put in there loudly, willy nilly.  Nah – I’m going to need some of those harmonics.

And, for “Kitchen”, I finally got the kick to be so super tight that I don’t want to touch it anymore.  It’s tight with a subsonic release, too.  I just like it.  I mixed more parts in and out, too.  This one is on deck and pretty much ready.

As for the rest, I think I’ll just continue to take it easy with no deadlines, no pressure, just going out of pure interest and motivation to let them “fall in” where they may.  Each one gets better and better and better.  I can afford to take the time.  I have arranged it that way.  And, plus, it’s going to be better, in my opinion, to get something GrEAt, instead of just putting out songs, just to put out songs.

K that’s it for today.