Hex Light Chassis and PCB Transparency - Brad Ormand

01.13.2015 – Hex Light

The Hex Light is in the spotlight today.  I mentioned that I ran the RGB LED CC boards through and that I had fun doing it.  And now, I have assembled 12 of 16.  It takes a bit of time.  Plus I have job stuff all day to do…

Hex Light Chassis and PCB Transparency - Brad Ormand

Hex Light RGB LED CC PCBs - Brad Ormand

I cut ’em and drilled them.  My smallest drill was actually too big to accommodate what I needed.  It was about a millimeter and a half, but I’m gonna need about a millimeter.  I did have a circular end bit that was about a half mm, but that was too small.  So, I’ll need to reconfigure my tooling.  I need the precise size because soldering to holes with no copper pads is horrible (because the too-big drill bit cut right through the pads), and not being able to get the component leads through is also horrible because.. well, they can’t get mounted at all! 😉

So, another trip to the Depot is warranted.  I have a list.  Plus, I love my trips there. Just wanted to say…  It’s probably my favorite place to go (And, then I hit up the grocery store next door for that grubbbz, yum – tacos, lettuce, noodles, sparkling water, pears, beef jerky – all an essential part of the dev process for damn sure 🙂 ).

Soldering the RGB LED CC Boards - Brad Ormand

And then, I soldered these small boards – 12 of them of 16, and stuck them on the Hex Light.  Next will be getting the remaining 4 (when I get the time) and then testing the shit out of all of them.  And then, then next step would be, of course, applying the main board that I fabricated a few days ago to the entire install.

I have almost got the firmware written already, but I’ll need a few more tests and tweaks.  It builds on everything I have ever done before of this nature.  I’m going to make it sing and, yeah, of course, shine. 😉 (light)

I’ll get the remaining boards and apply them to the chassis in the coming days.  I’ll be nearly 80% there.  Once I get all of this rolling, I’ll have the beta to move on to determining a good way to smooth out the entire process for future builds.  But, for now, it’s going intensely well, and I’m lovin’ it, mon.  Irie!  Life is good in the shop.