Wood Dodecahedron - Brad Ormand

01.16.2015 – Dodecahedron

I took a quick break from the Hex Light and implemented another idea that I have had for ages – to build a real, touchable, hold-able Dodecahedron!  It’s a 12-sided pentagonal platonic solid.  12 pentagons, arranged in spherical pattern.

I needed the break from the other project for a while, like I said – there is lots of wiring to do, and I’m spreading it out over the next week.  I built a paper Dodeca one time, and it was awesome to have on my desk and to handle.  Now, I wanted to do one that was more solid and much bigger…

So here, I drew out the pentagons, calc’d the angled and cut them out of Birch plywood.

Pentagon Angles and Cut Paths - Brad Ormand

It took a long time to get the cuts, but eventually I got them all – it was a bit of a struggle, I remember, getting the saw to stay stable with the cuts so close together.  I don’t have a powered saw, either, right now, so I used my trusty hand saws that I have. It was hard work, but pleasant, looking back on it.

Once I got the cuts, I set up a little angle guide for the dihedrals and glued them together, 2 by 2.

Pentagon Dodecahedron Assembly - Brad Ormand

The photos show the progression, but it all took quite a while to end up finishing.  I remember just taking it step by step and not trying to finish fast or anything – just enjoying the process.  Little by little, I got it, though!  A wooden Dodeca, ready for painting 🙂

Brad Ormand - Wood Dodecahedron

Wood Dodecahedron - Brad Ormand

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