Hex Light - First Colors - Brad Ormand

01.29.2015 – Hex Light

Alright.  I got the first animation loaded into the piece after fixing the critical circuit board layout problem.  I’m glad I did it this way.  For REV B, I’ll connect the board up in the way I modified it to be just now.

I got red, green, and blue coming through on all pixels, with the 200 millisecond PWM test pattern at 3.3 volts.  So, now, it’s time for testing it to the max.  There’ll never be two pixels on at a time, but…  will the RMS voltage be so high as to drain the battery too quickly when I increase the pulse frequency? Or, even make the device heat up?  I don’t know.  Damn, I’d like this to be a portable app, but my upcoming tests will determine if that’ll be feasible. May have to reconsider my 2200mWh power supply, then, but let’s see.  I’d like to run it as quickly as possible – for video / photography, and for getting the max out of the chip.  I’ll get stats / test data and then go from there… I think it’ll be ok.

Hex Light - First Colors 2 - Brad Ormand

So, what I’m doing now is writing a few killer animations (ha, maybe a bit dramatic, but I *hope* so lol) that will shift ani’s after a given time frame or a user button press, whichever is first.  I’m thinking…  maybe…  8 animations.  Just thought of that now.  Good round number.  I’d like to implement my touch sensors with this, but I don’t feel they’re ready for prime time right now.  More testing needed.  So, I’ll drop in a few momentaries and do it like that right now.

Hex Light - First Colors - Brad Ormand

This will be similar to what I did with the SSD1306 in the programming, in a way, and similar to what I do with any animated display / canvas, but just with a 4 x 4 pixel “screen”.  I’ll abstract out the display, then write useful particle effects, but with an added dimension from the 1306 – Color.  I’m thinking…  slow fades in 4 quadrants, separately, with all of the colors in my power deliberately, slowly cycling through…   I’m thinking – perimeter tracing with trails.  I’m thinking… something smart…  like, maybe using virtual gravity as if you dropped a penny through the top and it found it’s way down – and a flash bang when one “hits” at the bottom.  Stuff like that.  Can’t wait to hit it up.