JP8000 V8 Fender Bass Brad Ormand

02.04.2015 – Job, Painting & Songs

It has been a heavy week at work – plenty of ups and downs, and plus, there’s a lot of code to write, as well.  So, I’m a little consumed by it.  Thinking about it.  Planning for it.  Etc.  Even off-hours.

Yeah, it’s almost like painting and songwriting are like the perfect compliment to code development.  That’s what I do when dev levels get too high.  Then, when the “logic levels” get too low, I crave shifting bits and pushing pixels.  And, sometimes, the balance is half-and-half.  And, like I said before, mental noise from sources that I’m not inspired by dampens my ability for creativity, but it also dampens my programming ability.  Most of the enjoyment of my work comes from inspired times when I’m mostly peaceful.  However. there *are* other times when good work gets done, just..  I guess I don’t enjoy it as much.  I anticipate that enjoyment factor, and that motivates me.  It is what it is.  Just speaking freely.

So, I haven’t gone forward on my hex light hardware like I was going to do.  But, I did manage to mix another version of “Doing Fine”.  I think it’s the best version so far.  And, I’m in pre-production for an animated video for it.  Already drew out the prime character in my sketchbook.  As for the song, I put the best stuff right at the top, and made the chorus hit soon after.  Hard.  I’m excited about it.  My focus is on getting usable material for people – for my listeners, for film sync, for songwriting integrity, for replay’s sake, for emotional and memory recall – all of that.

JP8000 V8 Fender Bass Brad Ormand

And, having it “usable” means that it’s valued for some reason or another and listened to or used fairly frequently because of those attributes.  So, it’s kind of like how a businessman would add value to a product.  I do what I feel, yes.  But, I also have a vested interest in making the song “solid”, and not letting it go until it is that – mostly because then I don’t have to keep working and thinking and working on it… cuz, it would be… Done.  In the case of “Doing Fine”, I think the value added is the chopped, pitched vocals arranged in such a way that provides for a unique, pleasurable chorus, and the way that the lyrics and synths seem happy, then sad, then happy again, and so forth – kind of a pushing-pulling effect, over lyrics like “Drowning in my mind”  and then “But, I’m really doing fine”, etc.  There’s much more to it, but that’s all that I can write in words right now.

I have one more thing to do, though.  When I messed with the compression ratios on the drum sub and master bus, I made the mix breathe better, but somehow reduced the overall power of the kick.  So, damn, well – I’ll see what frequencies of it are hitting, by analysis, and which are not.  I’ll increase some choice freqs and give it power without damaging the mix, or having it pump and breathe.  It’s delicate at this point, cuz the mix is so right, I feel.  It’s the game.  It’s the balancing act.

So, I’m really glad about that mix.  I’m also pretty satisfied with how the new painting is going.  It’s not finished, of course – there are plenty of highlights and shadows and details to add, but, it’s on the way. 24 x 30.  A work in progress that I’ll keep around for whenever I get inspired to tap on it again.

Brad Ormand - Painting 34

The premise came from my moon painting and how the ridges create shadows.  And, also from some clouds in another classic painting I saw recently.  I want to try my hand with that kind of stuff – see how it goes.  I like clouds.  I look at them.  Stare at them.  Marvel in them.  Just, it seems like they’re a challenging thing to try to paint, but really fulfilling if I can get ’em okay.