Brad on the road to the campsite

02.28.2015 – Camping

I have been on a mini vacation, recently, with friends and family, and it was a great break from the ordinary!  Fishing, campfire, climbing opportunities, good conversation, and cowboy coffee. 🙂

There has been a bit of change in my personal and work life, so this was a good time to take a break.  Now, I’m back to working on some projects, but first….

Brad at the fishing_spot

The camping…  Oh, man.   I needed this.  This is a pic of one of our fishing spots – catfish and bass.  It relates to my projects in that they have come quite a bit “more alive” than in previous weeks due to just letting myself relax, eat bacon and eggs, and drink coffee over a campfire with friends with no internet, no nothing – just exploring the wild parts of the Earth and being part of a temporary Human tribe.  For real, it was like that – fishing, hunting, fire-building, story-telling, coordination, and playing music.  And, Texas is a beautiful place to take a road trip.

Brad on the road to the campsite

I took a Jameco paper catalog out to the campsite, next to the campfire and got inspired for what I’ll do next.  I brought some musical instruments – drums and shakers and claves and bells – and we played a few rhythms and had a good time.  Catching up with each other was fun, and we all got to share our takes on and concerns with life.  I visited several cities and towns on the way to the site, looking at the landscape and dreaming of buying land out there.

Overall, it was a killer good time.  And, now, I’m working on these projects with intention and inspiration.  They make all of the “annoying life stuff” completely bearable.  Nothing to it..  as long as I’m working on what I love.

So, that’s it for now.  Just an ode to my buddies and ode to physics and the way this whole thing is put together.  What a planet.  Let’s see what I’ll feel like talking about next.  Take care.

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