Brad Ormand - Weather Underground Panel - HTML5

03.09.2015 – Job & Portfolio

My most recent project has been the work I have been doing on my online web development Portfolio.  The redirection to doing this work was borne out of the need to provide examples of my work for prospective clients and employers.

I have resigned from my job.  And, that’s why I haven’t logged projects as much as I had been.  Without going into too much detail, the reason I resigned was because the work available at the job had strayed away from Front-End web development sufficiently enough for me to make a change.  I absolutely loved all of the people there and my last day was sad – I’m going to miss them.  And at the last lunch gathering, I was reminded again of the awesomeness of these folks!

However, although I have friends there, and had accomplished a lot over that 2-year span, the projects that my division was assigned to was not within the scope of my career goals, leaning towards the dev tools and server-side of things.  It was a business decision for me to move on, nothing personal.  And, I think everyone understood my predicament.


So, as for the online portfolio, its purpose is to showcase my previous work, as related to my Front-End Engineer career, so that a prospective client or employer can make an informed decision about what kind of work I do and what I’m likely capable of producing – and, furthermore, if that fits their needs…  I built and provided a few demos for prospects to play with – one, a Google Maps mashup with Weather Underground using Backbone and Marionette, and another a Weather Underground Weather Panel with live Radar and a local webcam viewer.  I can’t show off the work that I did at my last company or at a few previous companies prior, because they are covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements.  That’s standard procedure.  So… I built these (from scratch) to provide them access to a demo of my capabilities and to the source code itself.  A lot of the time they ask to see “code samples”.   Not a problem with this kind of setup.

Brad Ormand - Google Maps Mashup - Weather Underground - HTML5

I am targeting IE9 and up, Firefox ~20 and up, Chrome ~20 and up, and Safari 6 and up.  I accidentally updated my own instance of Internet Explorer 9 to IE11 during a Windows Update on my Windows test machine a few days ago, and I haven’t tested it with IE9 since then, unfortunately – but I have been developing for (or making allowances for) IE9 since 2012, so I’m fairly certain it will “go” on that browser.  However, I have dropped support for IE8.  I also have the mobile versions integrated with media queries, as shown in the photos.

I am very excited about this portfolio and the included demos!  Here’s the link:  .  The demo links are in the “Demos” section.  They were fun to build and I have a few other ideas for their future.  That always happens, though – haha – I have fun implementing these ideas and keep coming up with ways to improve them.  I *have* to stop at some point, though, and release and move on – the immediate goal has been met.  I can come back to them later.  I think this is my ~10th portfolio over my 12-year career.  I usually try to update it every year with a new design and to add the stuff that is new.

Brad Ormand - Weather Underground Panel - HTML5


That’s about it for now.  Regarding my other projects, I will resume the timelines for them as soon as I get this more critical portfolio project stabilized, starting with the design of the SMD HexLight main MCU board with that 1284P, 44-pin chip I mentioned earlier.

And, I might also mention, in closing, that I have kind of an aversion to “moonlighting” during a job – where you get “set up” with something else before moving on.  Haha.  Not that it’s *wrong*, just it has never worked that way for me: #1) It’s too much stress at one time, and #2) I have found it to not be necessary.   And, I don’t do that in relationships either…  It’s just a philosophy.  So, in my life, when I consider changing jobs, I like to tie one end off completely and then start the process from a new vantage point, finding “a match”, instead of hurrying into something else.  Something mutually beneficial.  I’ve just always done it that way throughout my career. 🙂  I take a little vacation to gather my thoughts, as well.