Brad Ormand Holding Truncated Icosahedron

04.11.2015 – Truncated Icosahedron Model!

This week, I spent a few days on a detour project.  It was something that I had been wanting to do for a reeeeally long time, but didn’t think I had the chops or resources for.  But, I just went into it, and it turned out that it was possible!

Cutting The Hex Parts - Brad Ormand

I created a wood model of a Truncated Icosahedron.  It’s a geometric shape that has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons forming it’s faces, in the shape of a ball.  The soccer ball is based of of this model.  Icosahedrons are made of all triangles, and Truncated Icosahedrons are the shape left over after the points of the triangle are shaved off by a certain amount.  It’s very interesting how these shapes form and interlock together as even-sided 5 and 6 edge shapes.  I had built paper and 3D computer models of it before, but never something that you could hold that’s rigid and big.  It was a lot of fun.  To me, it’s the most interesting shape there is, on account of it’s pleasing aesthetics.

Brad Ormand Sanding The Hex Parts

Hex Parts Assembly - Brad Ormand

Right now, I left the pentagons out as space, as I’m considering wiring the thing up to make it into a nice light!  Ha. That’s gonna be really fun.  I’ll paint it.  For this one, I’ll use acrylic paint, but in the future I can see a really nice dark stain going on it.  Animated RGB, or just white light…  Many, many options…

I love geometry.  I love seeing shapes in nature.  I like how the mathematics reveal certain commonalities in things, like the golden ratio.  It’s intriguing to me.

Brad Ormand Holding Truncated Icosahedron


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