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06.08.2015 – What You Lookin’ For?

I’ve turned over a new leaf in my music production style, recently.  I branched out a bit.  During the production of my other song, “The Crew’s in the Kitchen“, I thought of some stuff that I had been meaning to develop.  So, I spent considerable time this weekend (including time in which I should have been sleeping) tweaking production techniques and synth instruments to use for that idea.  And, then I applied them to “What You Lookin’ For?“.  It sounds considerably different.  It’s the next step in the evolution of my maturity as a producer.

A few months ago, I wrote about the sub bass parts I generated for the chorus, and it has been a thrill to listen to, but I had been wanting more out of the entire stack.  I kept running into problems with too much presence when using screech sounds and high formants.  So, that’s what I focused on – getting a majorly dynamic instrument that fills up the frequency gaps in my chorus, that cuts, sounds dope, but that doesn’t squeal too much at around 2 to 4k.

A new chorus lead part was written, along with accompanying strings.  Also, I tweaked the verse parts to be much more interesting by adding a melodic arp and honking lead chops.  I really like the result – the chorus is actually kind of sexy and laid back, but with an aggressive vibe.  The resulting bends and wah effects just hit the spot for what I was thinking about doing.  So, I was pretty excited to have finished something like this.

I feel like it was all done through just natural inspiration and rawness.  The point had come to where the idea had matured in my head.  There was a wakefulness I felt while programming that track during that time.  I showed up with an intention…  and it all just happened, in session.  I can learn from that.  Don’t have to have a solid idea beforehand – just have a direction and walk up to the canvas and paint, so to speak.  See what happens.  I still want to make it less abrasive in places, but while retaining some aggressiveness.  I’ll work on that as I continue through my listening tests and analysis.