Brad Ormand Lion Woodcarving 1

07.26.2015 – Woodcarving

I have been doing lots and lots of stuff with wood lately – both structure-making and wood carving.  I miss my electronic and software endeavors, but as soon as I catch up with the wood skills and everything is turning out beautiful, I’ll get back to working on those projects.  I have been having dreams of circuit board routing and animated LED light ideas, too…

Again (a common theme in this blog), I’m just following my fancy and doing what I’m inspired to do by the week.  No pressure from any angle.  I have many interests, but I don’t have the time to do everything at once.  I’m okay with that.  Every discipline I mess with is important to me.  And, in the last few weeks, I have done a few halfway-decent woodcarvings.  I had planned to carve things in the drums I made and some of the other furniture / decorative pieces I did, but I lacked the carving confidence to do it.  So, I’m exploring what things can be done, right now – gaining more skill and confidence in the process – more faces, more animals, more borders, more letters, more depth, etc.   Every time I do one, I get better.

I drew a lion onto the wood, then carved a kind of “bookend” or stand-up desk piece.  My round gouge and V-Tool lacked a bit of edge when I did this – I was missing some ingredients for sharpening, but then took care of that for the next few by getting better sharpening equipment and knives.  It came out alright, though.  I went ahead and called it “good-to-go” when I took this pic.  Director’s cut.  I’m happy to have it around!  🙂

Brad Ormand Lion Woodcarving 1

And, then, I did a pair of eyes, modeled on myself.  I kept taking references from looking into a mirror and then went along carving out the face.  Also, the painting experience came in very handy for this type of carving.  (See the Etsy Store for one of the eye paintings)  Especially all the prep work I did on eyes in pencil and acrylic, long ago.  I had to keep carving so far down past the nose end that the wood was running out of depth to do the caves of the eyes and still stand up!  The compromise worked out though – it’s a great little solid standing piece that has that intensity – looking at good eyes in art always has a bit of “magnetism”.

Brad Ormand Face Drawing 3 Woodcarving

Brad Ormand Woodcarving 2 Eyes

And then, after that, I did a kind of a Tiki face.  That was a lot of fun. I have a few more ideas for faces.  For this one, I wanted a calm smile with rounded features and that had a totem pole look to it.  Maybe one day, I will do one that is actually totem-pole sized.  I would love to, with my chisels and hammer, one day.  I do like the way this one came out!  Nice and smooth, and friendly. 🙂

Brad Ormand Face Tiki Woodcarving 3

I find woodcarving a wonderful thing to do for fun and as a productive hobby to bite into.  I’d get lost for hours just refining and refining the different parts of it.  It never feels like “work”, and there’s always a stream of ideas coming up for what the next thing should be like.  This lead to that, that leads to this, leads to that, and so on.  Good time in the deep zone.  It’s good for me.

Brad Ormand 3 Faces Woodcarving

Anyway, I’m looking forward to including carvings into my other products.  As I get them further down the road, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to make the wood things I make look even more beautiful.  Like I said, it’s a wonderful endeavor and will be a great thing to add to any finishing phase.  Big ups to Deepwoods Ventures for providing a great carving blade to work with!  I bought the Big Detail carver and a strop set.  It’s been magic to work with. Razor sharp and good, shiny, durable metal!