Spirit of Adventure - Playlist - Brad Ormand

08.25.2015 – My music will be released!

I have been working on music every available moment that I have, trying to make a deadline to release on September 4th, 2015!  Of course, the songs have been close to ready for a long time, but I’m just tidying up the production touches around the landscape, here and there.  Still, there are a million little things that I’d like to have solid.

It’s gonna be good.  I really have something exciting to share this time!  I have decided on a tentative mastering order, but I’m still seeing where Tonight, I and Doing Fine will go….  The songs are my best effort… ever!  They are more than I could’ve ever dreamed of, but I know my skills are actively growing and I have new ideas all the time, so even better music is to come.  Blood, sweat, and tears went into the production of this.   This one marks 2015.

Spirit of Adventure - Playlist - Brad Ormand

There’s so much left to do.  But, I am determined to get this music out to all avenues and to do it properly – the writing and recording work is done, just the lingering mix and master issues are left.  These songs mean a lot to me and have been re-worked to the bone, over and over, to get just the right aspect to them, over 2 years.  From the kicks to the hats to the vox to the production touches – everything paid attention to, time and time again – practicing parts relentlessly and overdubbing – listening countless times with maximum discretion and taking notes – listening on the phone, the tv system, the truck, in the studio…  Now, it’s time to set them free.  And, as with every album I release, it marks the time to start new music.

This one’s called: “The Spirit of Adventure Springs Eternal” .

May I have good luck with this album and may it bring with it the opportunity to make much, much more!