Cucumber Plant - Brad Ormand's Garden

09.25.2015 – Gardening & Land

In less than a year, I am planning on getting a big spread of land to build a homestead on.  I’ll have my wood workshop, my electronics lab, my recording studio, my tool shed, my camping areas, and my painting and crafting area all on the property.  I mean, that’s total paradise to me!  In my mind, I ask, “why spend more in the city for a quarter acre and close neighbors, when you could have your very own territory to expand and grow food out in the quiet country!”  That’s obvious to me (for my life).  There’s still excellent community out there…  But, there are different strokes for different folks, I realize.  I’m going to build a home there, put down some roots, and then get ready to start businesses and raise a family and all that.   Even if I had a billion dollars, I’d still be on this same path – I’d just buy more acreage and have more expensive tools, ha – and probably one or two of those Pro Tools | Avid S6 consoles, as well..  but I digress…

Seedling Garden 1

Anyway, at the land, I envision at least 200 sqft of outdoor farming to start off with.  I have been growing cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.  That’s one of my projects, too.  There’s also basil and eggplant and cilantro, and more, too.  I started from seed (inside) and took care of them and now they are huge!  Well, none have bore fruit yet, but it’s almost time.  And – I wanted to test to see if I could do it in the summer.  It worked – even on 100 degree days as seedlings.  I gave them plenty of attention.  I’m glad I have done these tests/experiments with this right now to see what I have to do with a small sample size.  I’ll report about it some more when I get some fruit!  These 3 photos are about a month apart, each…

Seedling Garden 2

I’m really excited about these.  I might be moving to a new place sooner than later, but I’ll take what I can with me.  I also have about 20 other plants in other portable containers.  I’m not sure I can take the cucumber plant with me, since it has already vined, but I’ll grow another if it’s too “dug in”.  It’s really miraculous how the vines reach out for sturdy things to grab onto.  Incredible!

Cucumber Plant - Brad Ormand's Garden