I paint paintings, make music, write software and build circuits, and combine them in various different situations.  Most of this site’s content is centered around these projects.  But, here’s a little about me…  I prefer simplicity, a chilled-out atmosphere, coming up with ideas, making them real, taking things at a relaxed pace, doing a super-thorough job, and enjoying myself while doing it.

Brad Ormand

I grew up in Austin.  I went to school at Texas State University, Full Sail University and Glendale College.  I came out with a degree in Recording Arts, almost finished one in Interpersonal Communication, and another one in Computer Engineering.  I did a physics internship at NASA/JPL.  Currently, I work on enterprise software at a large corporation in Austin, Texas, focusing on coding HTML5 user interfaces with modern JavaScript and CSS.  I’ve worked at over 30 companies (freelance / short-term), and 3 large corporations  (employed / long-term) as a JavaScript, Audio, Flash, or Software Engineer.  And, at one time, I also ran a recording studio an had a good number of clients.  So, that’s the education and career stuff…

Brad Ormand in the Truck

I’m a chronic learner of subjects, an enjoyer of nature and natural things, and someone who likes to learn things for the purpose of applying the skills in real life.  I have a nerdy tech side, a spiritual artsy side, and a wise guy humorous side.  I like to talk for hours.  I like Earl Grey tea and Colombian coffee (but not in the same cup).  I always carry a mechanical pencil.  I’m also a dog person, but I like cats, too.  But, squirrels would be my favorite animal to watch. ;)

There’s not much else to say except that I’m having a good time in life, and prefer “slow and thorough” over “fast and furious”.  I can’t really complain.  Life is good.  If you want to know more, you can get a better feel for where I’m at by reading my Project Log.

Brad Ormand Pro Tools SessionIMG_2548Brad Ormand Painting Collection October 2014