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Brad Ormand UI Painting

12.23.2014 – UI Painting & Home Depot

Well, I had an idea that I sketched out earlier this week with pencil on wood and I went ahead and fleshed it out and painted it.  I want to eventually make these things into real user interfaces that control the animations built in to them.  Maybe not this one, but ones just like it.  It’s in  Brad Ormand Research & Development right now…

This particular painting is on a sheet of nice birch plywood with only about 16 inches of width and 8 inches of height.  Which means that it was tight as hell in there painting the thinnest lines.  I tried to stay within a millimeter of precision with the brush (meaning I wanted my “outside the lines” brush error to be no more than a millimeter).  I used a 5mm flat brush for most of it, crooking it up on the edges, longways, for the precision bits.  It challenged me quite a bit!  But, it was fun.  And, I can use the skills I learned from this to do other ones in the future.  It took about 14 hours over two days to produce, all-in-all.

Brad Ormand UI Painting

I routed out the wood in several places before painting it to provide a natural depth from shadows, and it feels pretty cool to run your fingers over it, too.  I still need a little more practice with the router.  It’s a tricky thing to get it to depth without it burning out the wood or slipping under pressure.  You can see I slipped in a critical manner at the top left under the main mast where I was digging in and the bit caught – whooop.. Zzzzshh – outside the parallel lines I drew.  Haha.  But, no big deal.  It’s a good story and part of the process of getting good at doing this.

So, beforehand, I visited Home Depot to buy some XMas gifts and the wood and necessary supplies I’d need for my upcoming projects.  I reached for one of the buckets they had in the store – those orange buckets so that I could carry all of my loose bolts, nuts, washers, and tape and stuff, all together.  I wasn’t gonna buy it, really, but it turned out that it was cheap and it had this bad-ass saying on it:  “Let’s DO This.”!  Whaaat!?  I mean, shit, I can’t turn that down, that’s awesome.  So, I got it, brought it all home in the bucket and went to work on the painting, the measuring, the cutting, the drilling, etc., for several different projects.  Here it is in the pic:

Working After a Home Depot run

So, I am working on this tri-wing light fixture that will animate RGB light, spilling over the edges and onto the wall it’s hanging on as well, hopefully.  Still working on the circuit prototype.  I transitioned over from that other LED-9-Matrix prototype when I realized that I had to have a high-voltage programmer to use all 6 ports of the ATTiny.  Redirect… But, anywaeeys…  Here we are.  Next best thing.  Creativity comes, and I fo||ow.  It’s all working towards the same thing, and I only have so much time, so I have to pick what’s inspiring me most.  This one will trump anything I was working on before anyway 🙂