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Brad Ormand - ProTools Shot - Strike1

01.26.2015 – Song Submissions & Hex Light

I have been feeling under the weather lately.  (ugh).  I had to take a break for a bit, and I don’t have any fancy craft pics to share this time 🙁  I replayed Far Cry 3 and watched a few movies. I had to take a few days off of work.  It wasn’t a picnic.  It really set me back, actually.

But, since then, I have been feeling better ( a LOT better), I returned to my job and have been tweaking a few songs to be at their best – namely, “Strike” and “The Crew’s In The Kitchen”.  I submitted a few songs to labels and libraries.  Even though they aren’t “done” for production, they are really, really good demos.  And, I feel confident submitting some of them that are near their mark.

Brad Ormand - In Studio

I ran them by friends and saw that this was some of my best work (engineering-wise and songwriting) to date.  The rest, I’ll keep working on.  Once they are all ready for production, I’ll release.  I estimate, maybe June, for the drop – if I don’t have any under contract, I’ll drop ’em, that is.  If not, I’ll have an album that I can use to represent my work from 2013 to early 2015.  I’ll drop somethin’ down regardless, and promote it in the first half of 2015.

But, I am considering moving on to making production music for a while after that.  Music royalties have been good to me over the years, and I think the whole process is exciting.  So, I feel like I wanna try that road again.  I write and produce for “scenes” anyway when it comes down to it…  And plus, I have much better material now than I did when I was successful in music, before, so…  let’s go!

Let’s talk about “Strike” for a minute.  For metal fans out there, I think you’ll love it…  But, for those on the fence, I don’t want it to get misunderstood.  It’s not about fighting (between humans).  Haha. Let me say that I want you to envision a caveman that is facing an unintended encounter with a tiger.  The tiger knows you are there and that you are tasty, and moves in for the take.  It’s at that moment that you want to put on the headphones to listen to “Strike”.  No headphones for the caveman, of course, but that’s the attitude it portrays:  Survive this.  Put your brows down into position.  You’re going to have to pull out all that you’ve got!  And, maybe even have tiger for dinner, I say.  Ha. “Strike.  Hit back!  Yo, grab ahold and get that!” (not playing) and “Take control and bring back”.  Seriously.

Brad Ormand - ProTools Shot - Strike1

The big takeaway for me with “Strike” is that there’s no guitar recorded, but it sounds very metal-like.  It’s the way I mixed it and tweaked the mod wheel during recording to make it sound like pinch harmonics.  That’s just what I set out to do.  It was an experiment.  I wanted to go SUPER heavy on the main instrument and provide a full spectrum bandwidth during the chorus, with the sub bass and accessory instruments, but with my closest synth approximation of what it is that makes those famous molten metal songs work.  There’s a gap or lull in the shore for the pre-chorus, then BOOM – full wave bandwidth chorus.  White noise like crest smashing.  I like this direction.  I want to do more.

And, in other news, I started another painting, recorded a snippet for a new song, painted the existing Dodecahedron (I hate it lol), and started a possible collaboration for a metal (like steel or aluminum) version of the Dodecahedron!  That will be nice…  Also, I realized a fatal fault in the Hex Light.  Yes.  Port PD6 was crossed over (by design in my circuit layout) with PB6, because it would lay out just right, but it makes it super unreasonable for the software to have to split PORT D over my ROW 3 of Common-Cathode RGB’s, in which 1 of 3 is at PORT B.  I’m not going to go all into it, but saying: ROW_3_PORT |= (1<<ROW_3_B)… would fail since ROW_3_B would be of a different PORT than ROW_3_G and ROW_3_R . It’s not clean.  It’s not what I really want.  I’d rather have a top jumper on the board than to have this major compromise / hardship in the firmware.

Ok, so, I’ll fix that, and hopefully get the thing working, now that I’m back and active on the project again.  It’s so damn close!  Happy Monday to you. 🙂