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Brad Ormand in his house, smilng

Here, I'll provide an informal intro on myself - facts and musings, and what I kind of stuff get into... I have a whole assortment of songs I produce, released to intenet stores. All of the information about my albums and songs are linked over at You can learn more about it, there. I paint paintings and create digital art, and you can see my work over at my Redbubble page. You can also buy stuff from me there, if you find something you like. Professionally, I'm a software engineer, writing code for Apple's iOS and Mac platforms, and for the web (like these sites). Some of my work can be viewed at my Software Development Portfolio page. And, finally, I love farming and growing vegetables - I've done a fair bit of it in the past, growing more than 40 different varieties.

I grew up in Austin. I went to school at Texas State University, Full Sail University, and Glendale College. I came out with a degree in Recording Arts (audio recording), almost finished one in Interpersonal Communication, and another three-quarters in Computer Engineering. I did a physics internship at NASA / JPL where I worked on the Curiosity Mars mission. On the personal side, I like simplicity in life – a chilled-out, calm, stable atmosphere for coming up with ideas and making them real, where I can think and create, over weeks. I like taking project segments at a relaxed pace, doing an excellent job, and enjoying myself while doing it. In other words, my style is more "slow, deep, and thorough" than "fast, flying, and frenzied".

Brad Ormand in his house, smilng

Currently, I work on software at a large corporation in the United States, focusing on coding apps for iPhones and iPads in iOS. I’ve worked with over 30 companies and startups (freelance / short-term), and 6 sizable corporations (employed / long-term), over my career, as an iOS, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Audio, or Flash Engineer. And, at one time, I also ran a recording studio and had a good number of clients. So, that’s the education and career stuff.

Brad Ormand in his house, smilng

I spend lots of time studying. I’m a chronic learner of subjects, an enjoyer of nature and natural things, and someone who likes to learn things for the purpose of applying the skills in real life. I have an INTJ personality type, and I value the practical and utility aspects of life. For example, knowing what kinds of plants and trees are around me, how to diagnose common car trouble, how to survive in a desert landscape, and appied use of math in everyday situations. I like to focus on what’s possible and explore my options independently, as opposed to doing things “the way it’s always been done” - to find and make correlations, myself. I try to view the entire system like a scientist would, observing things from a bird's-eye view and watching what happens, trying to stay objective amidst the variability.

Random facts: I have a nerdy tech side, a philosophical / spiritual / artsy side, and a wise guy / humorous side. I like to talk and laugh for hours with people I know. I love witty comedy. I like to hike and visit different species of plants and rock types. I'm fairly lousy at improvisation, but I do enjoy speech-writing and delivering a public talk. I like Earl Grey tea and dark, Colombian coffee (but not in the same cup). I'm mostly vegetarian, for health. I always carry a mechanical pencil. I’m very much a dog person, but I don't mind cats, either. However, squirrels would be my favorite animal to watch. 😉


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