I paint paintings, make music, build drums, write software and build circuits, and combine the disciplines in various situations.  Most of this site’s content is centered around these projects.  But, here’s a little about me…  I prefer simplicity – a chilled-out, calm, stable, atmosphere for coming up with ideas and making them real.  I like taking things at a relaxed pace, doing a super-thorough job, and enjoying myself while doing it.

Brad Ormand

I grew up in Austin.  I went to school at Texas State University, Full Sail University, and Glendale College.  I came out with a degree in Recording Arts (audio recording), almost finished one in Interpersonal Communication, and another one in Computer Engineering.  I did a physics internship at NASA/JPL where I worked on the Curiosity Mars mission.

Brad Ormand in the Truck

Currently, I work on enterprise software at a large corporation in Austin, Texas, focusing on coding HTML5 user interfaces with modern JavaScript and CSS.  I’ve worked at over 30 companies (freelance / short-term), and 4 sizable corporations  (employed / long-term) as a JavaScript, Audio, Flash, or Software Engineer.  And, at one time, I also ran a recording studio an had a good number of clients.  So, that’s the education and career stuff…

Brad Garden Pickaxe 2016


I’m a chronic learner of subjects, an enjoyer of nature and natural things, and someone who likes to learn things for the purpose of applying the skills in real life.  I have an INTJ personality type and I value the practical and utility aspects of survival on this planet – navigating my way through by focusing on what’s possible and exploring my options, independently, as opposed to doing things “the way it’s always been done”.

Brad Ormand in Austin, TX


I have a nerdy tech side, a philosophical / spiritual / artsy side, and a wise guy / humorous side.  I like to talk for hours.  I like Earl Grey tea and dark, Colombian coffee (but not in the same cup).  I always carry a mechanical pencil.  I’m also a dog person, but I like cats, too.  But, squirrels would be my favorite animal to watch. 😉

Brad Ormand Painting Collection October 2014


Currently, outside of my software gigs, I keep busy with making drums for Hexagon Craftworks, painting art and designing products for my own store on this site: shop.bradormand.com, and making song after song in my music studio.  I’m a drummer, predominately, but also I look at the entire music instrumentation picture to make songs, and choose the instruments based on what’s needed for the song at hand.

There’s not much else to say except that I’m having a good time in life, and prefer “slow and thorough” over “fast and furious”.  I can’t really complain.  Life is good.  If you want to know more, you can get a better feel for the other things I’m doing by reading my Project Log or by going over to my art section: Brad Ormand Art.