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Hexagon Craftworks Label 3x2 Black

06.04.2016 – Hexagon Craftworks

I’ve started a business!  I’ve been writing about my ideas in this blog for months about it, and the time has finally come.  I took care of all of the logistics and legal stuff, got set up with a great online platform, got some business partners / affiliates, and I did a lot of designing, coding, and talking.  It’s live.  I named it: Hexagon Craftworks, because of my love for geometry and also because of the geometrical usage in my artwork.

All of my in-progress projects will now be part of Hexagon Craftworks R&D, except for the software and music portions.  I’m dead serious about delivering great-quality and dead cool stuff – well, my idea of cool (which I think is very cool, of course 🙂 ).  And, there’s a market out there for that.  I’m serious about making this my full-time career – to put everything into it.  I have a Phase 1 (which we’re in now), a Phase 2 (about 6 months from now), and a Phase 3 (about a year from now) in my business plan, which will each mark new product lines, new buildings / moving / tooling, and revenue numbers to keep us afloat.  Once I get to that Phase 3, I’ll try to keep that rolling for at least 5 years, then reevaluate.

But, anyway, Hexagon Craftworks is an art and wood shop, predominately.  I’m the sole creator and innovator.  The art is formatted and sold at an online storefront as framed prints, on shirts, bags, accessories, and the wood art is also sold, packaged and, shipped.  Wood art is a phase 2 thing to be launched as soon as I develop the business system / procedure down for it.

Anyway, that’s a short writeup on what’s been going on with Hexagon, project-wise.  There are sooo many more projects to come now that this is set up.  And, this project log helped me come to many conclusions about what was possible.  Of course, structuring the business itself is a project on it’s own, but it’s also a formal outlet for the result of my physical projects.  I’m really excited about it and will make it succeed.

Hexagon Craftworks Label 3x2 Black

Hexagon Craftworks

In other news, just to resolve some of the other project threads I’ve had out in the past, since this is my personal blog…  The Audio Granulator has had some progress on it, but took the back seat while I formed this biz.  The Apple WWDC came and went – watched it, loved it…  Can’t wait to get back to it once things have settled down.

And, the guitar practice is staying constant and consistent into June.  I’m a far better player than I ever was.  I can run scales up and down the neck at 100bpm, sixteenth notes, no problem for every major and minor scale, these days – it just took 90 days of practice, though.  Haha.  But, the real marker of success would just be my ability to now improvise in a much better and more smooth fashion – over most keys.  I could already strum and knew chords (of course – listen to my recordings) before I started these 2016 practice sessions, but the goal of 2016 was to be able to solo and make riffs easier so that I could pull out whatever I needed when I needed it – it’s going well.  On to July with that!

And, lastly, it’s growing season again – I got more cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, ginger, greens, and a lot more going this year.  Can’t wait to see how they do, and even plan more for 2017.

Brad Ormand - Music Player

12.18.2014 – Site is Live!

This is the first post for this blog that I have not written on the localhost server.  It’s in the sky, now.  Aside from working my job, I have been just bugfixing for other browsers, getting databases transferred, and configuring the new server for this site.  Once I was done, I switched over the domain nameservers, and it only took 12 hours to propagate.  Nice!

So, anyway, it feels great!  Finally, I can show my artwork, music, and projects to friends (and whomever is interested) with more detail than from an elevator speech or by showing phone pics.  There’s not much else I want to accomplish with this site other than it being ready for when times call for it.  Everything’s in place.  Plus, I use it a lot for listening back and checking various things as well.  🙂

Well, now that I’m live, I can go back to the remaining projects on the shelf.  The synth is still on one breadboard, the new PIC24 is on the other breadboard, being tested, and the third breadboard had the SSD1306 with my Fourier/FFT test.  And, plus, there are my light matrix projects awaiting solutions as well.  But, boy – there sure are a lot of things to do when trying to get a site looking and feeling right for deployment.  Whew.  What a relief.  Glad it’s done, and it’s nice to see it up.  (but, of course, I’ll enhance it as I go along)…

Brad Ormand - Music Player



Brad Ormand - Blog Posts

12.06.2014 – Songs and Site

Yup.  I made a whole bunch of edits and adds to these songs.  I was sitting at the computer programming my site, listening to “Find That Feeling” and had a melody idea, and just stopped everything and was singing it on the way to the audio workstation so I wouldn’t forget it.  I powered it up, jumped in and recorded it quite nicely.  I played it out beforehand on the JP-8000 synth just to solidify it.

While I was in Pro Tools, I went ahead and got in to my list of tweaks for 3 other songs, as well.  So, I have a few good, clean mixes to turn on tomorrow while I drive.  I drove the woofers in the studio to more than I’m used to in order to overcome the consistent error that I make of not having enough low end – since the very first post of this blog, in fact.  But, it is well taken care of now!

It’s likely to be too much, in fact.  …I keep saying that to myself and it never is, but this time, it’s right on the edge.  The goal is to have full-ass range in these songs – for the kicks and bass to shake any woofer it comes in contact with as much as the big studios mix theirs to do – but with also the presence and loudness of the instruments, as well – without sacrifice there.

Brad Ormand Pro Tools Session

And, it’s not just the gross bass level I’m concerned with, of course.  It’s the proper mix of the right high-mid punching frequencies and lower subsonic support – all working together to make something powerful.  It defies words – BY FAR, and it is only achievable by monitoring your built-in sensors – ears, of course, but the way your fingers vibrate on whatever surface you’re holding, the way your clothes tingle your leg hairs (if you’re a man, I guess) and the way your chest cavity responds to each transient, and the emotions you feel out of “in-tuneness”.  I mean – it’s not communicable.  You can’t tell someone what feels right without feeling it natively through those methods, first.  And, then, the words are hard to come by and usually come in metaphors like “punch” and “woofing” and “low” and “throaty” and “rumble” and “tight” and “loose” and “sub”, etc…

That’s why I like this shit.  It’s hard.  It’s not straightforward.  It requires the “native” stuff of being connected to your body and listening to your feelings.  FFT and analysis won’t help you if you don’t have the sensor-brain connection going on.  In other words – listening and feeling it, artfully.

But, anyway…  The mixes are, again, better than ever.  There are a few items that I might re-do or adjust bandwidth on, but all of it sounds like it could go out right now, really.  I’m not in that recording phase or the song-construction phase anymore.  I’m setting up the final mixes.  The whole last year was the other phase.

I’ll have QA sessions coming up with friends and I’ll run my own internal QA regimen on various systems, too.  I can’t be more excited about this release!  I mean, it’s my best effort to date, and it something special.  Something that I’m really liking – and that says a lot, right there. 🙂

As far as the site…

I built a couple of custom WP_Query (s) that make my Project Log home page  (where you’ll eventually be able to get to this post 🙂 ) show various selections of my blog.  And, the rest of the time was spent getting the CSS right for the design and for the different device widths.  Most of the blog / project_log homepage interface will be through “icons” of featured image and title as opposed to previews of blog posts.  I like it like that.  I have always wanted to do something like that, and here it is.

Brad Ormand - Blog Posts

I’m adding a Digital Art section, as I came across some of my earlier work and just felt like I want to show that as well.  I’m not a through-and-through “designer”, but I have done stuff, and that “stuff” is kind of cool, and I like how they turned out.  Most of it is user interface renders and 3d model renders.  And, some of it is design stuff like audio players and video players that I designed.  So, yeah.  It’s just that kind of fun stuff that I like to do in my spare time.

As for the server, I’m still downloading my complete server down to my local computer and organizing what other stuff I want to upload to the new server.  It’s a manual process.  It’s a little more complicated than “select the root folder of the old server and drag it over to start downloading all of it”.  Uhhh, yeah, because, well, my current host has major, major, problems and I can only get a few directories off at a time via FTP before an “Unrecognized” or “Lost Connection” error occurs.  Disconnect, reconnect, and it goes away.  But, I’m just being patient and moving on.  There’s no need to get mad or tell them anything.  I contacted them before I started the blog and well, it’s just really not very effective, let’s say.  They got bought out by a bigger company, and then I noticed serious degradation starting about two years ago. I have been patient.  But, anyway, the details are really boring.

So, now, I just have my home page to design and then I’ll be right as rain.  I’ll start that tomorrow.  I showed a circular sci-fi style interface before, but it’s not going that direction anymore.  I’ll have a cleaner style and something more modern happening.

And, I worked on so much other stuff around the site, too.  I was trying to profile the user’s bandwidth connection to my music player so that I could display it or select an appropriate baud rate for them.  I will still implement that, but really just for display.  I will set all music coming from BradOrmand.com at 128kbps instead of 192kbps.  I updated the legal section for users to read my policy on copyright.  It’s ultra short and that’s all it needs to be.  I changed some hover colors, search result formatting, h1 header styling, track listing layout, small display layout, and much more.  I’m exhausted, actually.  Ok, until tomorrow…  Thanks for tuning in.

Wordpress Coding

12.01.2014 – Sick, Site & Host

Sick Site & Host?  No, I don’t mean “sick site”…  and this time, *I’m* the host.  Ugh!  …But, noooo – the title is interpreted this way, instead: While I have been working on the site’s pages and getting my web host configured for the launch, I got fucking sick – like the flu…  Shit.  Damn, man!  (haha – sorry for the profanity. I’m just playfully ranting, and smiling) – it’s from my outing on Thanksgiving Day, it’s gotta be!  My Brother, my Mom, and my friend (and me) that were there all have the same shit that started Saturday – sore throat, sneezing, congestion, and just pure shittyness feelings (I’m not sure if I am spelling shittiness right or if it’s shittyness, but eitherway…  it’s pretty shitty).  Alright, I’m gonna be honest…  Earlier I had the real thought of how long it was going to be before I turned into a warewolf!  No joke.  I’m not myself today.

Ugh, I have been lying on this bed and in my chair just trying to stay chill and notice the human body do it’s thing.  It’s pretty amazing.  Sometimes I wonder what purpose this serves, and kind of hope that a bout with the flu kind of “is part of it”, part of life, helping in a way.  And, I just got back from the T break, and gotta miss more work – Mmmm, just kind of not ideal.  Oh well.  I’ll be okay no matter what.

But, ENNyway….  enough about that.  LEt’s talk web hosting.   Media Temple is where I have wanted to lay my bit bags down for a while now – more recently since I talked to the (mt) reps at jQuery Con when they came to Austin.  And, I have a nice feeling about what I researched during that time.  Well, since now it’s time for me to change hosts, I considered them first.  But, of course, I looked really deeply into HostGator and A Small Orange and PowWeb and BlueHost – painfully considering each option, and they were great, and I’d be happy at those places, as well.  But, I like (mt).  Gut feeling decision made.  Let’s move in.  PHP 5.5, mySQL5, git 1.7 and svn 1.7, Apache 2.2, Linux and my choice of Plesk or cPanel – on a Virtual Private Server so I can do my thang my way.  I have used cPanel for years, but I really like Plesk, and I’m going with that, actually.  Gimme it.  But, I’m getting more powerful with the Unix command line since my Unix training, and I’d like to just be able to set up servers and secure and manage them like that one day – straight from the command line.  Okay, not today – one thing at a time…

I’m migrating manually, downloading FTP contents as I go.  In fact, I’m downloading now.  I had internet bandwidth issues at my place – a tech is coming out later from my ISP. We’ll get that fixed.

And, my current web host is self-destructing.  I kind of feel sorry for them (they’ll remain unnamed), but Bradster gotta go. U kno.  I was telling a close friend that breaking up with a long-time host is similar to breaking up with a girlfriend.  I mean, I just have so many memories and want them to succeed and still have a sentimental feeling about it.   …but, they’re not going in the direction of success, and in fact, it’s really miserable for me.  So, I go.

There’s not much else to say but that I felt like I was really back on track with my projects a couple of days ago, and now, nature has indicated that I need to chill out and get well, first.  So, I comply.  Life is still good.  Once I get through the fog, I’ll have a lot of good things waiting for me to bust out on.  🙂


Brad Ormand Strat

11.19.2014 – Songs, ARM & Strat

Ugh.  Major Fail.  I tried soldering my ARM chip to a board that I wanted to fit on my breadboard and I nearly stuck all of the pins together.  It’s my first venture into 0.5 millimeter pin pitch soldering, and I sucked very badly at it.  But, I haven’t quit, yet 🙂 .

Brad Ormand - Botched ARM 0.5mm chip

Yeah, I hesitate to even show this pic at all since this is public, but…  Oh well, I started this whole thing to detail out the progress and happenstance events of my various journeys into art and engineering, and well…  The fails are part of it, I guess.  But….  It’s like soldering eyelashes together!!  Like connecting the ridges of a dime!!  (rant)  Whew, okay… Hey, I’m a software guy (cop out).  I mean, I’m just a musician (cop out).  Damn.  Ok, I’m not very good at this yet.  For real. Dammit.

Ok, moving on (quickly).  I finally have my guitar tuned inside and out!  I, of course, put those new strings on there, and adjusted the bridge and neck so that the strings would be as close to the neck as possible, and retuned like 12 times, and finally came out with something stable.  It plays better than ever!  I mean, one of the things I didn’t like about this Strat (’91 vintage, USA) was that the strings stood off of the neck quite a bit more than an Ibanez metal guitar or Les Paul (which are other guitars that I like 🙂 ).  But, this Strat is my primary axe and my favorite.

Brad Ormand Strat

So, now, I’m working on transcribing out the solo I want to accomplish on the guitar out into musical notation from MIDI screenshots so that I have a good view of it, and can read off of it while I’m learning it.  I’m starting with the first 2 bars and then I’ll learn it 2 bars at a time, from the beginning of it to the place I’m at.  Keep in mind that I wrote this solo, and it has already been recorded.  But, I used an instrument other than the guitar to capture and post-process the final solo.  I used the Roland JP-8000 to assist with that 🙂

And, speaking of the songs, I did get a chance to mix down “Fine” and “Kitchen” with a new kick drum arrangement, for ’em both.  They are massively punchy, and I am incredibly glad!  There’s not much to do left.  The mixdown session well.  The testing session went well.  It’s just failing less and less.  Which is a good thing.

And….  back to the ARM chip, if you’re still with me.  Okay, yeah, uhm, I will get out a heat gun to desolder that chip, and really, I shoulda used that in the first place to solder it.  I just had too big of a solder tip and not enough flux when I did it.  I’m going to have to get a smaller tip and a flux pen or something to start soldering that kind of shit, manual.  I’ll work it out. The pins are sooooo small!!  I keep thinking: “eyelashes”!

And, I’m doing these projects fresh off of work, most days, where I’m still somewhat thinking about our project iterations there, and next to my social life where I have several motivating things to think about right now.  So, it’s hard to switch over, I find. …Okay, I might be making more excuses…  However, I do have some vacation time in about a week, and I do want to lay out some time between the holiday outings to get me and 0.5mm ARM on good terms. And, I’ll launch this blog as well during that time.  Music player and painting gallery are almost finished..

Eventually, I’d like to be able to get this manual small-pitch soldering down.  It’s not like slipping a chip into a DIP socket or through-hole shit – it’s a whole different ball game.  People have become awesome at this shit, and I know some of these tiny-part, microscope-soldering guys, personally – and they brag about it, too.  And, now I know why.  Props to them.  I know now.  LOL.  But, my experiment went haywire, and I learned a few good lessons.  Cheers to the new revolution of tiny eyelash-spaced parts!!! YaY. (mumbled facetiousness).


Brad Ormand - Fourier Transform Notes

11.11.2014 – Jameco & Blog

Umm..  yeah, I’m super excited because my Jameco shipment came in…  whew!  My 5532’s, JFETs, mylar caps, my 160 LEDs, some PCB connectors, the awesome new white/grey LCD (damn – can’t wait to write the driver and get it dropping black-grey rain!) and a whole bunch of other components that I need for my projects.

I’m still tweaking my WP theme, and it’s coming along.  I have the music page and player to a good point, and I am starting on the blog index, which I think will be a risk, but a hit.  We’ll see.  And, I’m still formatting the posts and image widths and heights and paddings and fonts and etc, for the whole thing.  It just takes tine.  Soon enough, it’ll be dropped and live.

Last night and a few times in the last few days, I went back and tried to get a good grasp on Euler’s formula (e^ix = cos x + i sin x ), so that I could get the necessary background to be able to understand the Fourier Series and Transformations in a little more depth.  I studied Euler’s formula, the power series and the the nth derivatives of sine and cosine – very interesting stuff!  And, it gave me the background I needed to plow through the core of Fourier’s stuff.  So, that seemed to be the key for me – the point where it all came together.  I’m very close.

Brad Ormand Recording Tambourine

11.08.2014 – Synth Solo & Recording

Man, I wrote a really great synth solo for “Kitchen” yesterday.  It rocks hard.  I’ll stand by that.  I really think it’s gold star shit.  It’s interesting, soulful, and intelligent.  It’s just in the right place, too.  I actually don’t know how I did it.  I just set my mind to it and started writing with the intention of getting something useable, and boom, out came that.  I’m happy.

So, I’m really happy about that.  And, I think the kick/bass combo is finally on the level of finished.  All I have to do is check it, test it, and sleep on it a few times and love it.  When I love it, that’s when it’s done.  I put care into this stuff and try to make my own dreams come true, and I’m not going to sell myself short and just scratch something together over a few days and publish it out.  Things turn into other things over time – they morph, they mature, they solidify.  That’s why I’m glad I’m not in a rush.  This version has that maturity written all over it.  I’m happy about it.

Brad Ormand - Pro Tools Shot

And, it’s the same thing with “Fine”.  It just keeps getting better and better.  I was playing pool listening to it and thought, ya know, that chorus could sure use a hi-hat or shaker or tambourine…  So, I tested a few instruments out from my percussion bin of various bells, shakers, tambs, and noise-makers.  The brass tambourine was the ticket.  I set up the gear and overdubbed it in.  Makes a huge difference – it really distinguishes it from the pre-chorus, now.

Brad Ormand Recording Tambourine

I had yet another deadline to reach yesterday for work and thus I couldn’t get started with much this week.  Mainly, it’s just been crafting the WP theme up and mixing these songs.  The theme is looking awesome.  I’m in CSS and JavaScript monster mode, since for work, I have had to spend nearly 8 hours a day putting together a pixel-perfect site layout, and send data back and forth from the server, and show/hide different parts of the UI based on user actions.

So, it really keeps me “in the groove”, working with site stuff in both places – toggling back in the morning.  It’s like staying warmed up.

Brad Ormand Painting Signatures

11.07.2014 – Painting, Blog & Fourier

I’m still working on putting together my WordPress theme.  I have the twenty-fourteen theme modified to fit my purposes.  There are little things everywhere that I’m tweaking and it just takes time to get each thing to a suitable level.  For instance, I don’t want a sidebar, opting for a more dynamic way of showing other posts.  I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do, but I know that I’m going to have to write some kind of modification to set up an API that my JavaScript can call.  It’s going to be kind of like a dashboard, instead.  So, still tweaking all of that stuff…

Wordpress Coding

And, I signed all of my paintings that didn’t have a signature so that I could take pictures of them to put in the image gallery I’m building for the site.  Then, I took all of the pics in halfway good lighting and good focus and now I’m cropping out the background for each one.  This might carry over to tomorrow.

Brad Ormand Painting Signatures

And, in other news, I had no idea that there were different forms of mathematical Integration – i.e. Riemann integration, L2 integration from Lebesgue, and others, etc.  I passed through those waters on my way towards attempting to understand Fourier Transforms and Series, and it’s fascinating. If I relax and take my time, I find math very enjoyable.

Fourier Series and Transforms are fascinating, themselves, but I gotta tell ya, it’s some thick-ass reading! Especially when stuff is proven out, like when they take one single “n” out of the summation, call it “m”, and prove that one “m” case as opposed to the other n’s and then end up with a few integrals and a few inverse exponentials with complex numbers where that entire mess stretching the entire drawing surface just equates to a big fat Zero after all that work.

But, it’s pretty thick if you aren’t refreshed with your calculus, trigonometric identities and derivatives and exponent algebra. Every time I attempt to understand a more involved concept like this, I have to go work some more basic problems to get caught up to being able to intuitively understand the underlying meaning and relationships, which is what I’m after. But, it’s like warming up for the “big game”. I have to get in the right mindset and mode. The payoff is, however, every time I study a concept just above my limit and can “get it”, I can add that to my implementation toolbox, which is the ultimate goal in studying it in the first place 🙂 .

BradOrmand.com Design Mock V2

11.02.2014 – Blog, VCO & Digikey

Not much going on today so far.  My current project is working on getting a good design for this WordPress blog going.  Yep, I’m writing all of this before it has gone live (for a month now).  I edited another video to go with the Audio Tool and synth VCO – a demo of how it sounds.  I mean pics just don’t do sound and animation any justice at all 😉  So, gotta break out the limited video editing skill that I have.  Good enough for now.

And, I have a potential design that I did a few months ago for the site, but it’s kind of “out there”.  However, it looks cool, tho, nonetheless.


I’m tweaking that now.  I’ve used the twentyfourteen theme as a base and cloned it to this “BlueTech” theme (that’s just what I’m calling it right now).  I have done quite a lot with it so far, and have chosen to use elements from this.  It won’t look exactly the same, but I hope to keep the colors, bg, header, and use the “eyeball” as an audio player or image gallery or something.  I don’t know.  I’m modifying the style.css file, making new sidebar.php and page.php’s, etc.  Still working on it…

Also, I’m putting together an order to Jameco and Digikey.  I’m getting in an ARM Cortex-M4 ATSAM4S (D32B), QFP, soon and getting a toolchain lined up.  And, I need some JFETs, 5532s, and some more mylar caps for the synth start-up on my breadboard – and a bunch of other stuff.


SSD1306 12 x 8 Font Set Implementation by Brad Ormand

10.15.2014 – SSD1306 & Blog

I got the SSD1306 driver working great, finally! Just a few hiccups before, but now I have the whole alphabet and number set displaying on the screen! The display pixels are sooo crisp and a joy to read on this OLED.

At first, I digitized the 8×6-bit font set I drew up, but those were super tiny – shoulda known.. It would have been fine for a larger pixel matrix, but this display is tiny and densely-packed, so I spent time re-mapping the chars out to 13×8, instead. They look great! I like the wide feel, and my font has that classic sci-fi look to it. Reminds me of Roland’s digits for their audio gear – rock on. Perfect. And, by going with a 13 pix width, I utilize the entire real estate of the display line – 128 / 13 = ~9.8, almost 10 chars across, but I can truncate the last two cols (130 – 2) because they are spacing, making it an even 10. So, the 10 across letters lock up just right at 128.



Now, I’ll just work on getting my font structs mapped to the bits and figuring out the ubiquitous “setPixel( x, y, val )” function – the first milestone that I do for any kind of graphics display, and each are different – it’s really the most fun work. Until now, I had been just writing straight to RAM pages in 1×8 bit chunks, as defined by the display’s GDDRAM. But, now to modulate the page / column window to re-draw with a new pixel overlaid, in place, in the selected 1×8 chunk.

And, then, once I’ve got that, it’ll be time to put together the character engine. And, then, the frame blitter / back buffer, etc. I’m really enjoying this – these little details and being super close to the hardware, and can’t wait to use it for debugging the audio engine for my synth and spectrum analysis projects, later on. And… I would really LoVe to see a platformer game on this thing, too – that would be nasty good. Lol…

I log these thoughts to my iPhone in “Notes”, for the purpose of documenting my journey because I think it helps me from a project management standpoint, and also from a “fun” standpoint – for nostalgia feelings and looking back on interesting life events – and just to examine the way that I operate, as well. I enjoy it. Wish I woulda started it earlier, in fact. I’ll keep writing in Notes to log my stuff, but I’d like to use WordPress to manage the log itself, now that I think about it…

I thought about using the “Falcon” CMS that I wrote a while back, derived from the CMS’s that I used to write for clients (I think several of my clients still have it live on tha www) because I liked the idea of extending it a bit and getting back into it’s development.  But, nah, I’d like to catch up with modern WordPress 4+ development, though, as I think I could really do some cool stuff with it. I developed for WordPress 3 for a few years on jobs – making plugins and themes for companies in LA and Austin. I have some fun ideas for it, and plus, I have the taste for php again. Here’s my chance.

And, I designed a layout for my new site anyway (a little before I started keeping log), and so I’ll just make into a theme on WP and run with it.  Also, WordPress is a “blog platform” – or at least started that way and does blogging very well. It’s more that that these days, I guess. And… Yup – that’s what I need: a way to manage and display my logs on the web 🙂 . The format will be just stating my thoughts and recording what happens as opposed to teaching or supplying information or for promotion.  I am not going to try to be a “blogger” or make it “successful” or make anything out of it more than as a supplement to my projects – my projects are the focus, and 50% of my doing it is just for my own history log and management of my projects, and the other 50% will be for the discovery of, and outlet for, my art.  Bare bones, no frills.  But, it I *will* enjoy writing in it and shooting photos and formatting it, etc, for public consumption, and of course, I’m going to make it LOOK bad-ass 🙂 .  Right now, I think I’ll drop my existing developer portfolio and music player, etc, on top of WordPress, too. Might as well have the whole site use a single platform, I guess.

I remember when I was living in LA and was freelancing for the LA Times newspaper. I took the metro train to work every day from Hollywood and Highland to their building downtown. I worked on Flash apps for their website. It was around that time that I started writing my projects down – logging my approaches – successes and failures. I always kept a pencil on me and carried a pocket notebook – a Moleskine. I could have used an app to log stuff, but I just liked pencil because I could also sketch stuff. But, anyway, I remember writing a Flash logging app that I used for awhile, and I may still have data in that and those notebooks, but I never published or collected those thoughts in one place.

And so, that’s why I am setting all of this up – so that I can re-experience the various weeks’ events, to recall later, in a nice format – like as an aid to my memory (I keep saying this. haha.). But, like this: What solution did I come up with back then when I was on a similar project? What were some of my motivations and state of mind when I did certain things on certain projects? How can I improve my process? What patterns emerge?  Etc.  I am already seeing them. So, I’m actually excited to get this going up on a site. In a year when I look back on this, I’d like it to provoke my memory to remember what it was like “back then”. It helps me strengthen my self-project-management skills and also helps keep the motivations clear for “why” I’m doing things a certain way, etc.